Club championships quarter final

A grade

A. Varcoe def S. Packer 4/3

A. Shultz def T. Chant 1up

J. Reynolds def H. Fennell 3/2

P. Thrussell def B. Golding 20th

B grade

M. Cameron def T. Atkinson 19th

A. Ferguson def S. Lonergan 20th

J. Saint def P. Whitford 20th

Semi final draw

A grade

A. Varcoe vs A. Shultz

J. Reynolds vs P. Thrussell

B grade

M. Osmond vs M. Cameron

A. Ferguson vs J. Saint


Saturday Stableford – IGA trophy

A grade

1st – A. Varcoe 37pts

2nd – B. Golding 36pts

3rd – P. Whitford 35pts cb

B grade

1st – G. Cameron 32pts cb

2nd – M. Macrostie 32pts

3rd – S. Lonergan 31pts


3rd – A. Varcoe

5th – P. Whitford

13th – A. Varcoe

17th – G. Warren

2nd to 9th – T. Atkinson

2nd to 18th – A. Varcoe


M. Cameron

S. Lonergan

Eagle on 12th

P. Whitford

I.G.A trophy winner

A. Varcoe


Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 

Only 14 Ladies competed in the Stableford Round at the Millicent Golf Course on Wednesday 9th August.  The 2nd Round of Margaret Young Eclectic was played and once again Sue Ireland dominated the field.


A Grade
Virginia DeDonatis 34
Sue Agnew 32 countback
Kathy Sporer 32

B Grade
Sue Ireland 37
Julie McKenzie 34
Glenis Skeer 32

9 Hole Competition – Sue Ireland 20 points

Nearest to Pin – 2nd shot to 5th – Marg Baker

No one hit the 3rd and 13th Greens.

Next week’s Competition is a Stableford Competition, 3rd Round Olympic Event, Secret 9 Holes and IGA Supermarket Trophy. 

Sue Ireland – Winner B Grade.


03/08/17 – 05/08/17 

It was a very busy week out at the Millicent golf club last week, with the threat of heavy rain in the afternoon last Friday, the decision to bring the tee off time an hour earlier for the farmers and stock agents day was a master stroke, with 30 teams in the field, the last groups were just finishing as the heavens opened up. It was fair to say most players did their best work once the golf had finished as good fun was had by all. Winning the day with a score of 50, 7/8th was S. Pulmer, A. Gregory, P.Bowman and N.Brown. Second with 53, ¼ was the team of M.Redding, C.Boston, J.Gosse and T.Dennis, while third was J.Bellinger, S.Kuhl, C.Faulting and B.Foster. A big thank you goes to all the sponsors and volunteer’s which made it such a sucseccfull day.

Only a small field greeted the starter last Thursday to compete in a stable ford competition, played in cool conditions and it was the inform Terry Chant who jumped out of the blocks early to put the pressure on the rest of the field, winning the front 9 hole competition with 20 points, Mike McRostie and Craig Kuiper were doing all the chasing to finish in second and third spots as a count back had to separate them with 18 points each. On the turn for home, it was Chant who put his foot down to run away with an easy win finishing with 37 points in tough conditions, Andy Varcoe came home well to grab second spot finishing with 34 points, while Kuiper and Paul Whitford finished in third spot with 32 points. Varcoe capped off a good day out winning the nearest to the pin award on the par 3,5th hole.

With the threat of heavy rain and a few sore heads only a small field competed in the monthly medal and last qualifying stroke round for the club championships and it was Andy Varcoe who has been in fantastic form of late winning the A-grade and the monthly medal with a score of 77off the stick to finish with a net 73 in tough conditions. John Reynolds was close behind in second with a score of net 74, while Greg Cook and Ian Greenwood finished with net 76. In the B-grade in was it was hard going with Andrew Ferguson winning the day with a good score of net 75, Trevor Atkinson grabbed second with a net 78, while Scott Lonergan, Martin Cameron and Mike McRostie finished with net 80. In the nearest to the pin awards, Atkinson won the 3rd, Varcoe has made the 5th his own of late, and Mark Pilmore got close on the 13th, the 17th green was too hard to hit into the wind as was the second shot to the 9th green for the B-grade, Phil Thrussell won the 2nd shot to the 18th green for the A-grade. Birdies paid out 1 ball each to Varcoe, Thrussell, Scott Packer, Pilmore and Lyle McGreggor. John Reynolds had a good day out with the flat stick winning the putting competition with 24 putts.

With the Qualifying now over for the club championships the semi-finals will be played on Sunday, starting at 11.30am with the A-grade. In match 1 Terry Chant plays Allan Schultz, Phil Thrussell plays Ben Golding, John Reynolds plays Hayden Fennell and in the last game Andy Varcoe plays Scott Packer. The B-grade will follow with Andrew Ferguson playing Martin Cameron, Craig Kuiper plays Trevor Atkinson, Paul Whitford plays Scott Lonergan and in the last game Matt Osmond plays Justin Saint. Good luck to all players.  



27/07/17 – 29/07/17 

Once again the weather dominated the golf last week, with the threat of torrential down pours last Thursday and Saturday the fields were only small as most decided to stay home in front of the fire, it took a regular visitor in West Gambier cricketer Shane Stevens to our golf course to have a day out winning with a brilliant round of golf.

Last Thursday on a small field of dedicated golfers took to the course to compete in a stable ford competition, and with the threat of heavy rain in the afternoon the field set off in cool windy conditions, leading the way on the front nine hole competition with 21 points, Terry Chant was finding the conditions to his liking, Dave Seymour and Bob Childs were doing all the chasing having good front nine holes as both players finished with 19 points. At the ½ time break the heavens opened up and the rain set in, unfortunately the course became unplayable and play had to be abandoned for the day.

Saturday was a stable ford competition and with the threat of heavy rain in the afternoon, most of the field hit the course early in the morning to beat the on coming down pour, playing in tough conditions it was Shane Stevens who had a day out winning the A-grade in style. Playing off an 11 handicap Stevens had a very impressive 45 points including 15 par’s, 1 birdie, 1 bogie, and a double bogie on the 9th hole to finish his round with 74 off the stick. Lyle McGregor was a distant second finishing with 38 points, winning a count back which sent Mark Pilmore to third spot also on 38 points. In The B-grade it was the very consistent Mike McRostie who had the win with a good round of 36 points, Scott Lonergan had a good day out to finish in second spot with 34 points, while Dave Seymour grabbed third spot with 31 points. Nearest to the pin awards for the day went to Phil Hunter on the third hole, McRostie grabbed the 5th hole and Seymour won the 13th hole, no player hit the 17th green, also the second shots to the 9th & 18th green was also left free, birdies payed out 1 ball each to Paul Whitford on the 3rd hole, Phil Thussell grabbed 2 birdies on the 5th & 17th holes while Stevens got his birdie on the 5th hole.

This week is a busy week out at the golf course, with the Farmers and Stock agents day on this Friday, there could be some sore heads on Saturday for the Monthly medal stroke round and also the 5th and final qualifying round for the club championships and putting competition. Quarter finals of the club championships will be held on Sunday 13/08/17, semi-finals are to be held on Sunday 20/08/17 and the grand finals for each grade will be held on Sunday 27/08/17, good luck to all that are playing.    



20/07/17 – 22/07/17 

It is no coincidence, that with a reprieved from the artic conditions last week, the scores improved along with the weather, and with the golf course in fantastic condition at the moment, the skill and class of Greg Cook came to the fore last Saturday afternoon as he made a mess of the field to win the stroke round.

Only a small field greeted the starter last Thursday, to compete in a stable ford competition played in good conditions for golf, and it was Arch Sunderland who jumped out of the blocks early to put the pressure on the rest of the field, winning the front nine hole competition with an impressive 21 points, Mark Pilmore had to do all the chasing to finish close behind in second spot with 20 points, while Andrew Ferguson, Terry Chant, Bob Childs and “Spike” Warren all finished with 17 points. On the turn for home and with the whips cracking, it was Pilmore who had all the luck on the back nine holes, winning the 18 hole competition and the day finishing with 40 points, Chant made up good ground to grab second spot finishing with 36 points while young gun Justin Saint came flying home to finish in third spot with 35 points. The Par 3,5th hole proved to be very elusive for all the field as the nearest to the pin award went begging for the second week in a row.

Last Saturday was the best conditions we have had out at the golf course for a while and good numbers turned out to compete in a stroke competition and it was Greg Cook playing in the afternoon who was the only player in the field to actually beat his handicap, winning the A-grade with an impressive 78 off the stick to finish with a net 70. Paul Whitford managed to match his handicap to finish in second spot with a net 72 while Mark Pilmore won a count back for third spot over Chris Agnew as both finished with a net 74. In the B-grade it was Scott Lonergan who won the Count back to win with a net 78 from the unlucky Dave Seymour who had to settle for second also finishing with a net 78, while Geoff Cameron, Arch Sunderland and Mike McRostie all finished with net 79. In the trick shots for the day Geoff Cameron won the nearest to the pin award on the 3rd hole, Whitford won the 5th, Scott Packer hit the 13th, the 17th green was left alone for the day, Ron Hateley won the 2nd shot into the 9th green while Terry Chant grabbed the second shot into the 18th green. Birdies paid out 1 ball each to Whitford, Packer and Martin Cameron.

Now we have all had an Airy at one time or another in our golfing life, stuck under a big bush or in the scrub but the word going around is one of our big hitting members had a few problems on the 8th tee block last Saturday, now this member has improved out of site and is lowering his handicap all the time, known for his massive driving of the golf ball off the tee, he shaped up to bang one out of site only to clean miss the ball much to the amusement of his playing partners as one commented I’ve got him on this hole. This week we have a stable ford competition on Thursday playing for points in the Masters trophy, while Saturday is also a stable ford competition playing for the 2nd round of the Mitch Williams trophy and also the IGA supermarket trophy.