Saturday Stroke

A grade

1st – O. Merritt 67

2nd – A. Ferguson 69

3rd – I. Greenwood 70

B grade

1st – T. Atkinson 66

2nd – B. Thompson 71

3rd – P. Burchard 74 cb


3rd – O. Merritt

5th – O. Merritt

13th – A. Varcoe

17th – B. Golding

2nd to 9th – B. Thompson

2nd to 18th – I. Greenwood


A. Varcoe

B. Golding

M. Pedler

I. Greenwood

O. Merritt

T. Atkinson

A. Shultz

IGA trophy

T. Atkinson


Saturday Stroke – Monthly Medal

A grade

1st – T. Chant 72

2nd – V. Bennison 74 cb

3rd – M. Cameron 74

B grade

1st – D. Seymour 73

2nd –¬† T. Atkinson 75

3rd – T. Hutchison 76


3rd – G. Warren

5th – V. Bennison

13th – T. Atkinson

17th – P. Hunter

2nd to 9th – T. Hutchison

2nd to 18th – A. Ferguson


P. Hunter

T. Chant


T. Chant 26

December Monthly Medalist

T. Chant 72




Saturday Stableford

A grade

1st – G. Warren 38pts

2nd – P. Hunter 37pts

3rd – M. Cameron 36pts cb

B grade

1st – J. Hyland 43pts

2nd – R. Hateley 40pts

3rd – D. Seymour 39pts


3rd – D. Seymour

5th – A. Shultz

13th – T. Atkinson

17th – C. Kuiper

2nd to 9th – J. Saint

2nd to 18th – G. Warren


R. Hateley

G. Sunderland

Owen Merrett shows how to play the 13th bunker


Saturday Stableford

A grade

1st – P. Whitford 37pts cb

2nd – M. Pilmore 37pts

3rd – A. Ferguson 36pts

B grade

1st – J. Hyland 38pts

2nd – G. Sunderland 37pts

3rd – R. Hateley 35pts


3rd – A. Ferguson

5th – B. Young

13th – J. Hyland

17th – B. Young

2nd to 9th – not hit

2nd to 18th – G. Warren


T. Chant

J. Hyland

Andy Varcoe sinks his birdie putt on 11



Saturday Stableford – IGA trophy

A grade

1st – V. Bennison 38pts

2nd – I. Greenwood 37pts cb

3rd – B. Young 37pts

B grade

1st – B. Thompson 38pts

2nd – G. Sunderland 37pts cb

3rd T. Atkinson 37pts


3rd – B. Young

5th – V. Bennison

13th – B. Thompson

17th – T. Chant

2nd to 9th – T. Atkinson

2nd to 18th G. Warren


S. Packer

IGA Trophy

B. Thompson

Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 8.11.17

11 Ladies played a Stableford Round at the Millicent Golf Club on Wednesday 8.11.17. Kathy Sporer had a win with 34 points on a countback from Sue Ireland, who also scored 34. Kathy won the Nearest to Pins on both the 3rd and 13th Greens. Two Ladies took advantage of playing the Short Course, and the Competition was won by Barbara Sapiatzer with a score of 39 points. Barbara also won the 9 Hole Competition with a score of 21. Next week’s Competition is a Stableford round.