Ladies Sip n Swing Golf Clinic

Millicent GC is conducting a Ladies Golf Clinic on Sunday 4th March. For Beginners and Ladies returning to golf the club encourages the use of our Short Course in particular for anyone looking to take up golf or players who don’t have time to play the full course. It may be shorter but as a few of us have discovered you still have the challenges of the full course to contend with.

You can download the Golf Clinic flyer here  Womens Golf Clinic Millicent GC




Father/Son Warrenopollis Clean Up

25/01/18 – 27/01/18

Famous local Greek family the “Warrenopollis’s” had a day to remember at the golf course Thursday with the father son duo of “Poppy” and “Wazza” cleaning up. Wazza who had an eagle on the par5 7th hole, the first eagle at the club in 5 months since “Trophy” Hunters won himself 19 drink vouchers for his efforts. He also came 2nd in a countback with 21pts in the nine hole comp with the evergreen Mick Pedlar winning with 21pts also. Dad “Poppy” had a good day also with ntp on the 5th hole and a 3rd place in the 18 hole comp with 38pts. One could say that there was alot of the traditional greek beverage “Ouzo” consumed in the club house after the round with brother “Mike” Warrenopollis visiting from Sydney to also getting amongst the celebrations. In 2nd place in the 18 hole comp continuing his fine day was Mick Pedlar with 39pts. The winner who had his new 3 wood firing on all cylinders from the 7am group was Ian Todd with a magnificent 40pts. With extreme heat forecast for Saturday’s Par round only 14 players entered with club captain Trevor Atkinson winning the day and also the B grade producing a career best and a sizzling plus 9 to easily cover his opponents. In the A Grade with a score of plus 5 which would be good enough to win most weeks was Ian Greenwood with Alan Schultz winning a countback for 2nd with plus 3. Atkinson won the B grade with retired Millicent basketball icon Scott Lonergan finishing 2nd with Plus 2. Nearest to pins for the day went to Greenwood on 3rd, Lonergan claiming the 5th, Phil “Thrusta” Thrussell the 13th, Ben “Hotdawgs” Golding the long par 3 17th. Nearest for 3 on the 9th was Atkinson and no one good enough to get it on the green for 2 on 18. This week we have a Stableford on Thursday with the Monthly Medal and Putting Comp on Saturday.


Marshmallow Wins Stroke Competition

18/01/18 – 20/01/18

With the abandonment of the Thursday Stableford due to the extreme weather and also many of the regular Thursday players boozing at the Coonawarra Cup day, the only comp for the week was Saturday’s stroke round. The winner of the A grade came from the arvo golfers and was won by retired bank manager and all round softy Brian “Marshmallow” Duldig with a fine net 69. Runner up with a net 72 in a countback was Jamie Bellinger who had a bit of tree trouble on the 9th with club president Owen Merrett in 3rd. In the B grade the winner from the 6am group was Bill Mullans who took advantage of the conditions before they harshened also with a net 69. In second place only 1 shot back was Trevor Hutchesson with a net 70 and everybody’s favourite retired mechanic Herman Vanderheul with a net 72. Nearest to the pins for the day were Perth visitor Chris Hollingsworth on the 3rd, Andy Varcoe on the 5th, Peter Burchard on the 13th, Hobby Farmer Brian “Arch” Bowman on the 17th. The club had a collect on the ninth as no one hit it and Andy Varcoe was 50mm from holein out for 2 on 18. Now a few club members are wondering if any can help out poor old Davey Seymour. He has seemed to have misplaced one of his shoes and was spotted wearing odd shoes on the course. Rumours have it the shoe will more than likely be found were his golf swing is.


Local Barrista wins Stableford

11/01/18 – 13/01/18

On Thursday 11th of Jan the Millicent Golf Club held a stableford round in unexpecred cooler than expected conditions and it was Millicent newest barrista Mark “Pilly” Pilmore who stepped away from the heat of the kitchen to the cauldron of the golf course to win with 38 points. Rumours are Rife in the club that he has been setting up the course to suit his gentle fade. The rumours can be substantiated by the runner up in a countback for the 2nd time in a week Andrew Ferguson who also has a fade. In the the 9 hole comp Ferguson turned the tables on his 2nd placing from the 18 hole comp for a win with club stalward Bruce Packer losing in a countback to finish 2nd both with 19pts. On Saturday with 33 entrants and with the pins and course setup for scoring but with wind and rain about it was proven wet tracker Alan Schultz from the 7am group who won the A Grade and also the day with a respectable 37pts. In 2nd place in the A grade on a countback with 37pts was Andrew Varcoe who just returned from a hiatus from losing his “Royal Melbourne” ball marker. In 3rd place rounding out the 3 way countback was Viv Bennison also on 37pts. In the B grade it was club life member Graham “Arch” Sunderland who had a fine day with 36pts finishing ahead of Brian Thomson and Mick Pedlar both with 35pts. Nearest to pins were local sparky Scott Lonergan on the 3rd, Peter Burchard had the closest shot on the 5th, “The Scribe” got lucky and had the closest shot on the 13th and 17th. Nearest for 3 on the 9th was Ron Hateley and nearest for 2 on 18 was Varcoe. Birdies paid out 3 balls each to Scott Lonergan, Jamie Bellinger and “The Scribe”. *Footnote* If anyone finds Paul “Rubbish” Whitfords bottom lip between the 10th green and 11th tee block could they please hand it in to the bar in the club as it would be much appreciated.


Trophy Hunter wins 2nd Monthly Medal

4/1/18 to 6/1/18

First of all we would like to congratulate long time Millicent golf club member Graham “Poppy” Warrenopollis on his 70th birthday celebrated this past weekend. On Thursday 4th Jan the club was greeted with 23 starters in the stableford comp with very pleasant golf conditions and it was Kevin Rainey who came out with all guns blazing to fire 21points on the front nine. In 2nd position came the inform Herman Vanderhuel with 19points on a countback. In the 18 hole comp it was the very much improved and long hitting Justin Saint who had 39 points to win on a 3 way countback from Viv Bennison 2nd and Rainey 3rd. Nearest to the pin on 5th was club captain Trevor Atkinson. Saturday the Monthly Medal was contested in one of the hottest days seen on the golf course in a long time and we had 18 brave souls play and the winner of the medal and the A Grade came out of the invitation only group and was Phil “Trophy” Hunter. “Trophy” has had a good run in the monthly medal in the last 3 months with 2 wins and a narrow 2nd place. Some are now saying that he is the best big game player in the club. In 2nd position and to narrowly miss on a countback was Andrew Fergusson both with a net 72 with Matt Warren filling the minor places with a net 75. In the B grade there was only 2 players with Scott Lonergan winning with at net 79 from Jim Hyland who had a net 80. NTP’s for the day were 3rd and 17th hole Scott Packer, 5th was Trevor Atkinson again, 13th was visitor Lee Coulthard. Nearest for 2 on the 9th was the club and 2nd shot on 18 was Graham “Poppy” Warrenopollis. This Thursday and Saturday we have a stableford Comp.


Bowman wins IGA Trophy

14/12/17 – 16/12/17

Summer is now well and truly upon us as the conditions for golf last week were nearly perfect and with the course in fantastic condition, it was no wonder that scoring was very high with the cream defiantly rising to the top, just a quick note to the person practicing on the 9th hole approximately 40 metres from the green, it’s ok, I fixed and sanded all your divots, that’s what the practice fairway is for you D**kh**d. Last Thursday was a great day for golf and good numbers turned out to greet the starter for a stableford competition and it was Phil Hunter who jumped out of the blocks early to put the pressure on the rest of the field, winning the front 9 hole competition with a very impressive score of 23 points, Arch Sunderland was in hot pursuit in second spot with 22 points, while Terry Chant was still in striking distance with 20 points. On the turn for home it was Sunderland who came home like a steam train to win the 18 hole competition and the day with 41 points, Hunter had to settle for second spot with 40 points while Chant knocked off Mark Pilmore in a countback for third as both players finished with 37 points. Viv Bennison won the nearest to the pin award on the par 3,5th hole. Last Saturday was a stableford competition playing for the IGA supermarket trophy and good numbers turned out, but it was Martin Cameron who had a day out in the A- grade to easily win with an impressive 40 points, the minor placing’s was a tight affair as Ben Golding, Craig Kuiper and Alan Schultz all finished with 37 points with Golding and Kuiper getting the nod. In the B-grade the big winner of the day and the IGA supermarket trophy winner saw Arch Bowman dominate the field to easily win with 41 points, Trevor Atkinson had to settle for second spot this week with 39 points while Mark Pilmore and Peter Burchard finished with 37 points. Nearest to the pins this week saw Owen Merrett on the 3rd, Ian Greenwood won the 5th & 17th greens, Alan Schultz claimed the 13th while the 2nd shot to the 9th green was left free and Bowman claimed the second shot to the 18th green. Birdies can easy to those who hit the green with Merrett, Greenwood & Schultz all making their putts while “Spike” Warren joined in on the birdies to win 2 balls each. With Christmas now upon us it’s time for the scribe to take a little break but we will be back in the new-year, but there is plenty of golf to be played over the holidays, there will be a stableford competition on every Thursday and Saturday plus also on Boxing day Tuesday 26th December for those who need to walk off Christmas lunch. Merry Christmas to all.



08/12/17 – 10/12/17

The weird weather patterns of late have continued to affect the golf club of late as extreme highs of 38 plus degrees on one day them 20 – 30 mm of rain the next day seem to be continuing this week as they did last week. Last Thursday was one of those days with the potential of heavy rain it was only the two early morning groups who were lucky enough to get through the 18 holes unscathed, good numbers turned out to contest in a stable ford competition and with the rest of the field getting off the first tee block in warm humid conditions, it did not take long to realise that, that was a bad decision. By the third hole the heavens had opened up and the field looked like a bunch of drowned rats just trying to get to the end of the ninth hole and the shelter of the club house. With no end in sight the day was called off with Kevin Rainey winning with 36 points from Tony bowering finishing with 35 points from the early morning group, Rainey also just knocked off Bowering for the nearest to the pin on the par 3, 5th hole. Saturday was a warm windy day, but much better for golf, as good numbers turned out to compete in a stroke round playing for the IGA supermarket voucher and with the golf course in fantastic condition and some friendly pin placements scoring was going to be high, and the players rose to the challenge with club president Owen Merrett leading the way in the A-grade with a net 67, Andrew Ferguson was close behind in second spot with net 69, Ian Greenwood had to settle for third with a net 70, while Ben Golding finished with a net71. In the B-grade it was club captain Trevor Atkinson who took out the IGA supermarket trophy with an impressive score of net 66, while Brian Thomson claimed second spot with net 71, while Peter Burchard and Dave Seymour finishing with net 74. On the par 3’s it was Merrett claiming the 3rd and 5th greens, Andy Varcoe won the 13th, Golding claimed the 17th, while Thomson won the second shot to the 9th green, and Greenwood winning the second shot to the 18th hole, birdies came easy on the par 3’s with Merrett, Varcoe, Golding, Greenwood all making their putts while Mick Pedler, Alan Schultz and Atkinson also joined the party to claim 1 golf ball each. With Christmas day falling on a Monday this year, we do not lose any golf days with a stable ford competition being played on every Thursday and Saturday on the lead up to Christmas with also a stable ford competition on Boxing Day Tuesday 26/12/2017.