08/12/17 – 10/12/17

The weird weather patterns of late have continued to affect the golf club of late as extreme highs of 38 plus degrees on one day them 20 – 30 mm of rain the next day seem to be continuing this week as they did last week. Last Thursday was one of those days with the potential of heavy rain it was only the two early morning groups who were lucky enough to get through the 18 holes unscathed, good numbers turned out to contest in a stable ford competition and with the rest of the field getting off the first tee block in warm humid conditions, it did not take long to realise that, that was a bad decision. By the third hole the heavens had opened up and the field looked like a bunch of drowned rats just trying to get to the end of the ninth hole and the shelter of the club house. With no end in sight the day was called off with Kevin Rainey winning with 36 points from Tony bowering finishing with 35 points from the early morning group, Rainey also just knocked off Bowering for the nearest to the pin on the par 3, 5th hole. Saturday was a warm windy day, but much better for golf, as good numbers turned out to compete in a stroke round playing for the IGA supermarket voucher and with the golf course in fantastic condition and some friendly pin placements scoring was going to be high, and the players rose to the challenge with club president Owen Merrett leading the way in the A-grade with a net 67, Andrew Ferguson was close behind in second spot with net 69, Ian Greenwood had to settle for third with a net 70, while Ben Golding finished with a net71. In the B-grade it was club captain Trevor Atkinson who took out the IGA supermarket trophy with an impressive score of net 66, while Brian Thomson claimed second spot with net 71, while Peter Burchard and Dave Seymour finishing with net 74. On the par 3’s it was Merrett claiming the 3rd and 5th greens, Andy Varcoe won the 13th, Golding claimed the 17th, while Thomson won the second shot to the 9th green, and Greenwood winning the second shot to the 18th hole, birdies came easy on the par 3’s with Merrett, Varcoe, Golding, Greenwood all making their putts while Mick Pedler, Alan Schultz and Atkinson also joined the party to claim 1 golf ball each. With Christmas day falling on a Monday this year, we do not lose any golf days with a stable ford competition being played on every Thursday and Saturday on the lead up to Christmas with also a stable ford competition on Boxing Day Tuesday 26/12/2017.



Saturday Stroke

A grade

1st – O. Merritt 67

2nd – A. Ferguson 69

3rd – I. Greenwood 70

B grade

1st – T. Atkinson 66

2nd – B. Thompson 71

3rd – P. Burchard 74 cb


3rd – O. Merritt

5th – O. Merritt

13th – A. Varcoe

17th – B. Golding

2nd to 9th – B. Thompson

2nd to 18th – I. Greenwood


A. Varcoe

B. Golding

M. Pedler

I. Greenwood

O. Merritt

T. Atkinson

A. Shultz

IGA trophy

T. Atkinson

Chant wins monthly medal

30/11/17 – 02/12/17

The weather patterns of the previous weeks continued last week with some very hot humid day’s then 20-30mm of rain on the other days, it’s easy to see that the fairways are loving the conditions of late and are in the best condition of recent times, it would be really nice to actually get to hit a ball off them every now and again. Good numbers turned out to compete in last Thursday’s stable ford competition, it was always going to be tough playing in hot humid conditions but that did not stop Tony Bowering from jumping out of the blocks early in the first group of the day to win the front 9 hole competition with 18 points, Ron Hateley, Terry Chant and Bob Childs were all close behind to fill the minor positions with 17 points. On the turn for home it was Bowering who put the foot down to have a solid back 9 holes to win the 18 hole competition and the day with 38 points, Andrew Varcoe came home strong to grab second spot with 36 points, while “Spike” Warren and Herman Vanderhuel finished with 35 points, Warren capped off a good day out to win the nearest to the pin award on the par 3,5th hole. It was a cool damp morning that greeted the field who competed in a stroke round for the monthly medal along with a putting competition it was Terry Chant who had been in fine form of late to be to good winning the monthly medal and the A-grade with a score of net 72 and winning the putting competition with 26 putts on a day where there were some very tricky pin placements, Chant was just too good. Viv Bennisson and Martin Cameron had to settle for the placing’s with the score of net 74. In the B-grade it was Dave Seymour who is back in form winning with a net 73, Trevor Atkinson grabbed second with net 75, while Trevor Hutchesson had to settle for third spot with a net 76. The nearest to the pin awards went to “Spike” Warren on the 3rd, Bennisson won the 5th hole, Atkinson grabbed the 13th hole, while Phil Hunter was closest on the 17th. Hutchesson was closest for 2 shots on the 9th hole for the B-grade while Andrew Ferguson was very close for 2 shots on the 18th hole, Chant and Hunter got the only birdies on the par 3’s for the day to pick up 3 golf balls each. With the countdown to Christmas well and truly on, it’s time to eat, drink and be merry and hopefully Santa can bring a decent golf swing and a putter that hits the ball in the hole, wishful thinking really !!! This week is a stable ford round on Thursday and a stroke round on Saturday, good luck to all.



Saturday Stroke – Monthly Medal

A grade

1st – T. Chant 72

2nd – V. Bennison 74 cb

3rd – M. Cameron 74

B grade

1st – D. Seymour 73

2nd –  T. Atkinson 75

3rd – T. Hutchison 76


3rd – G. Warren

5th – V. Bennison

13th – T. Atkinson

17th – P. Hunter

2nd to 9th – T. Hutchison

2nd to 18th – A. Ferguson


P. Hunter

T. Chant


T. Chant 26

December Monthly Medalist

T. Chant 72




23/11/17 – 25/11/17

The weather extremes of late are something that we really haven’t experienced before in the South East with 35 degree temperatures on one day and 20-40mm of rain the next day, everything out at the golf course is growing at the rate of knots, the fairways and greens are looking fantastic but unfortunately the rough and weeds are growing just as quick, the volunteers on Tuesday are doing a great job to keep it all under control and some are even doing three and four days just to keep up, so if anyone else has a bit of spare time that they could donate to the golf club it would be much appreciated, many hands make light work !. Last Thursday was one of those extreme days with high temperatures expected but did not arrive, it turned out to be a very pleasant day for golf. At the starters gun it was Kevin Rainey who jumped out of the blocks in the first group of the day to put the pressure on the rest of the field winning the front nine hole competition with 21 points, Bruce packer was close behind in second spot with 20 points while Andrew Ferguson was waiting to pounce in third spot with 19 points. On the turn for home it was Ferguson who put the foot down to blow the field away having 24 points on the back nine holes to win the day with an impressive 43 points, Packer was very steady to finish in second spot with 40 points while Terry Chant also finished strongly to grab third with 39 points. Nearest to the pin on the par 3, 5th hole went to Mark Pilmore. Saturday morning started off warm and wet and you would swear we were playing golf in far north Queensland with the sun coming out in the afternoon to make for a humid day but that didn’t seem to worry Jim Hyland who is the inform golfer in the club at the moment. In the A-grade it was “Spike” Warren playing in the afternoon who had a good day out winning with 38 points, Phil Hunter had to settle for second behind Warren with 37 points, while black caps opening batsman Martin Cameron grabbed third from Scott Packer as both players finished with 36 points. In the B-grade and the big winner for the day was Jim Hyland with an impressive 43 points was way too good for all in the field, Ron Hateley had a good round but had to settle for second spot finishing with 40 points while Dave Seymour 39 points was good enough for third. Seymour also won the nearest to the pin on the 3rd, Alan Schultz won the 5th, Trever Atkinson was close on the 13th, while Craig Kuiper won the 17th hole. Justin Saint was closest for two shots on the 9th green for the B-grade while Warren knocked off Hunter in the last hit of the day for the closest for two shots to the 18th green for the A-grade. Arch Sunderland and Ron Hateley had the only birdies on the par 3’s to win 2 golf balls each. Anyone who wants to have their say in regards to how the club championships were run earlier this year, if we use the same format next year or look at changes, get on to Trever Atkinson with constructive advice, he is open to all ideas before he had to do the programme. Thursday is a stable ford competition playing for points in the summer masters trophy, while Saturday is a stroke round playing for the monthly medal with a putting competition.



Saturday Stableford

A grade

1st – G. Warren 38pts

2nd – P. Hunter 37pts

3rd – M. Cameron 36pts cb

B grade

1st – J. Hyland 43pts

2nd – R. Hateley 40pts

3rd – D. Seymour 39pts


3rd – D. Seymour

5th – A. Shultz

13th – T. Atkinson

17th – C. Kuiper

2nd to 9th – J. Saint

2nd to 18th – G. Warren


R. Hateley

G. Sunderland

Owen Merrett shows how to play the 13th bunker