Club History

Since 1936

According to the late Mr F Gower, golf was played in Millicent in 1904 on a course which started “opposite the old showgrounds in Mr. Skewe’s paddock, continued across a water course near Bellingers over Williams Road, south to Wyrie Road, over the drain to Newbery’s, back across the drain toward Mt.Gambier Road , over the road toward Woodgreen, with the 9th hole opposite (where Turner’s roadhouse is now situated).

A Golf club as such was formed in 1907 with Mr H.G.Hastings as Secretary and a committee consisting of Messrs. E.W. Skitch, S.Tonge, F.Gower and L.Jefferson. This course of 2,800 yards extended through paddocks belonging to Messrs. Gordon and Boase.

In 1908 the venue shifted to Mr E.J.Harris’s private course which was possibly the original one used in 1904.

Another club was formed in 1912 with the first hole being in the convent school grounds.

In 1930 a move to a portion of “Mayura” where Mr and Mrs Edwards became Honorary Members. Two holes extended onto Mr George Osborne’s land.

Mr Ivor William’s property at Millicent North was used for the 1935 season, the old stables being used as the clubrooms.

The new course at the race course was officially opened in April, 1936 .

1961 saw the official opening of the present course at Mt. Burr.

Extract from The South Eastern Times, 16/7/1907


Since this game was started in Millicent – only a few months back – it has made wonderful strides and at a well attended meeting held at Mr E.W. Skitch’s residence on June 8th it was unanimously decided that a club be formed.

Mr H.G.Hastings was appointed secretary, with a committee consisting of Messrs E.W.Skitch, S.Tonge, F.Gower and L.Jefferson.

The subscriptions to the club was fixed at 2s 6d and already over twenty-six members have been enrolled.

The links are well laid out over a picturesque course, in length about 2,800 yards, which extends through paddocks belonging to Messrs Gordon and Boase, to whom the hearty thanks of the golfers are due for the right to play on their respective lands. Shortly the club intends holding Saturday competitions for prizes.

Millicent Golf Club

Millicent Golf Course, 352 Golf Course Rd, Mount Burr SA 5279