Rules update 1/4/20


Rules during Covid -19

If Your Unwell Stay Home

  • Competitions will be held on Thursday and Saturdays until further notice
  • Competitions are open to Millicent Golf Club Members only
  • Front door will be open to the Foyer of the Clubhouse to access toilet facilities – Bar area and Main Room will remain Closed
  • Congregating of players is discouraged, so please be mindful of the number of people at anyone time in the foyer and maintain required distance.
  • There will be envelopes available to place money in for the Competition – 

Please place your name on the envelope, using your own pen / pencil and deposit into the Box provided in the foyer

  • A Competition Sheet will be available to place your name on – using your own pen / pencil
  • After play, score cards are to be placed in the Box provided
  • A designated person will be appointed to take the Money from the Box and enter the Score Cards into the Mi Club System.
  • Please bring your own Disposable Gloves if so desired, Sanitiser and Antiseptic Wipes are provided
  • Players are advised to bring their own food and beverage as these will not be available at the Clubhouse

Rules for the Golf Course during play (as recommended by Golf Australia):

  • Playing of Golf can continue provided the social distancing measures are in place – at this stage, Groups of 4 are recommended, however if further stipulations are advised by the State Government, we may have to revert to Groups of 2.

You will be advised accordingly if this is the case.

  • Players should exhibit a heightened awareness of personal hygiene as has been encouraged by State and Federal Health Departments
  • Scoring:  Players to place their name on a Score Card and enter their own scores on the Score Card, and record the scores of your playing opponent in the space provided for the “Marker”
  • Flagsticks:  Flagsticks must be left in the hole at all times
  • Holes:  Ball to be removed from the hole with your Gloved hand
  • Bunkers:  Rakes have been removed from the Bunkers.  

Preferred Lies are allowed in the Bunker

After the completion of your stroke from the Bunker, smooth the Bunker with your club, or your feet

  • No Shaking of Hands
  • Carry your own food and water – no sharing
  • One person per Golf Cart
  • Do not use the Ball Washers
  • Players are requested to have their own Sand Bucket:

– you may hold on to a Bucket from the Golf Club for your own personal use.

Good Luck – Good Golfing!!

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