Saturday’s stroke round marked the final qualification round for the Millicent Golf Club Grade and Club Championship for 2019. This year’s qualification started back on May 4 with golfers having to put in two cards to be eligible for the knock out finals in June, the top 8 golfers in each grade will then play knock out matchplay on June 16, 23 with the final being held on June 30 2019.

The unofficial top 10 for each grade who have successfully put in at least two cards out the three qualification rounds held on May 4, 11 and May 25 are

Club Championship

Handicap 0-10

  1. Ben Golding 157

  2. Terry Chant 158

  3. Owen Merrett 162 c/b

  4. Greg Cook 162

  5. Phil Thrussell 163

  6. Ian Greenwood 164 c/b

  7. Vyvyan Bennison 164

  8. Jamie Bellinger 165

  9. Alan Schultz 166

  10. Andy Varcoe 167

B Grade 11-17

  1. Andrew Ferguson 167

  2. Graham Warren 170

  3. Scott Packer 171

  4. Martin Cameron 172

  5. Lylye McGregor 173

  6. Mark Pilmore 174

  7. Paul Whitford 175

  8. Trevor Atkinson 178

  9. Justyn Saint 179

  10. Geoff Cameron 183

C Grade 18-36

  1. Chris Agnew 185 c/b

  2. Scott Longergan 185

  3. Anthony Driessen 193

  4. David Seymour 197

  5. Glen Tilley 204

  6. Herman Vanderheul 205

  7. Jim Hyland 209

  8. Trevor Hutchesson 214

  9. Robert Thompson 218

  10. Liam Chant 219

This are unofficial will depend on members that have qualified being available to play in all three rounds of the finals etc.

Saturdays 25 May 2019 Results

35 in field-Stroke Round

A Grade

  1. Owen Merrett net 69

  2. Martin Cameron net 74 c/b

  3. Ben Golding net 74 c/b

B Grade

  1. Paul Whitford net 72

  2. Chris Agnew net 73 c/b

  3. Herman Vanderheul net 73 c/b

Nearest to Pins

3rd not hit

5th Shane Stevens

13th Scott Packer

17th Ian Greenwood

Birdies paid out one ball each to Ian Greenwood on 17, Chris Agnew and Greg Cook both on 13.

Terry Chant had an eagle on the 10th and has cleaned out the eagle’s nest.

Don’t forget this Saturday’s comp is the monthly medal for June and is a stroke round with a putting comp as per the normal with a medal round. On the long weekend all roads will be leading to Loxton for the tri challenge event and if you haven’t put on your name down on the sheet at the club and you are intending to head up please do so. Quarter finals for club and grade championship is Sunday 16 June then the Semi Finals on Sunday 23 June and the final will be held over 36 holes on Sunday 30 June 2019. Happy Golfing.

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