Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results, Wednesday 8.8.18

Fifteen Millicent Ladies welcomed four visitors from Beachport to play a Stableford Competition on Wednesday 8th August.
After the recent heavy rains, the Beachport Golf Course has been quite wet, however, the sandy soil at Millicent allows the water to drain away quickly, consequently, the golfers are to compete in pleasant conditions. Even though having to contend with some strong breeze, it was a great day for golf with no rain.
The best score of the day, once again came from the C Grade, with Debbie Tinknell from Beachport scoring 35 points. Runner up to Debbie was Helen Ferguson with 30 points and in third place was Pam Packer with 28 points.
Helen Chilton was the leader in A Grade with 34 points, one better than Lyn Watson on 33, and Kathy Sporer’s 27 points gained her third place.
Mary Warneke won the B Grade a countback from Mardi Sunderland, both on 32 points and next was Michele Smith with 27 points.
The nine hole Competition was won by Mardi Sunderland with 17 points on a countback from Helen Chilton.
Nearest to Pin, 2nd shot to the 5th hole for the C Grade was Pam Packer, while Lyn Watson won the Nearest to Pin on the 13th.
Birdies were achieved by Helen Chilton on the 3rd hole and Michele Smith on the 13th.
Next Wednesday’s competition is Stableford, 3rd Round of the Olympic Event and Secret 9 Holes.

A Grade Winner Helen Chilton, B Grade Winner Mary Warneke, C Grade Winner Debbie Tinknell (Beachport

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