Millicent Golf Club Men’s Results Thursday 26th & Saturday 28th July

Thursday’s Stableford Competition attracted a good field of 20 golfers, and some fantastic scores were submitted.
The 9 Hole competition was on the back nine and it was Craig Kuiper winning on a countback from Jamie Allen both with 21 points, followed by Mick Pedler with 20 points.
The consistent Jamie Allen finished the day with 37 points, winning from Paul Whitford, also on 37, with Andy Varcoe in third place with a score of 35 points.
The ever accurate Graham “Spike” Warren won the Nearest to Pin on the 5th Hole.
The Club was a “hive of activity” on Friday, when over 100 men, golfers and non golfers, enjoyed a day out, participating in the Annual Stock Agent’s and Farmer’s Day. Club President, Owen Merrett has organised this event for a number of years now, and once again it was a huge success, the participants enjoying the pleasant weather, whilst having a day out on the Golf Course.
On Saturday, the Competition was Stroke and there were 21 Golfers who took out cards. The early players had to contend with the fog which didn’t lift until late morning.
It was Justyn Saint who returned the best score of the day with a nett 71 to win the B Grade Competition. Runner up was Paul Whitford with nett 75 and Graham Sunderland coming in third with 77.
With a score of nett 74, Vyv Bennison was the leader in A Grade, followed by Andy Varcoe and Mark Pilmore both on 75, with Varcoe winning the countback for second place.
Nearest to Pin – 3rd – Andy Varcoe
Nearest to Pin – 5th – Jamie Allen
Nearest to Pin – 13th – Geoff Cameron
Nearest to Pin – 17th – Justyn Saint
Nearest to Pin – 2nd Shot – 9th – B Grade – Trevor Atkinson
Nearest to Pin – 2nd Shot – 18th – A Grade – Ben Golding
Birdies on Par 3’s – Mark Pilmore on the 3rd, Jamie Allen on the 5th and Justyn Saint on the 17th

Justyn Saint – B Grade Winner and Best Score of the Day – Saturday

Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 25.7.18

Millicent Golf Club Ladies welcomed seven visitors from Beachport to play a Stableford Competition on Wednesday 25th July. The Short Course Cards were taken out and all Ladies hit from the Orange Markers.
A Grade
Val Williams 46,
Janet Watson 41 countback
Mary Winser 41
B Grade
Pam Packer 39
Shirley Brown (Beachport) 35
Julie Howe (Beachport) 33
C Grade
Helen Ferguson 41
Barbara Sapiatzer 35
Debbie Ticknell (Beachport) 30
9 Hole Competition – Val Williams 23
Nearest to Pin – 3rd – Kaye Best (Beachport)
Nearest to Pin – 2nd Shot – 15th – Pam Packer
Next Wednesday’s Competition is a Stroke Round in conjunction with the Monthly Medal, 3rd Round Captain’s Trophy, 5th Round Club and Grade Championships and Putting Competition


A Grade Winner Val Williams, C Grade Winner Helen Ferguson, B Grade Winner Pam Packer


Saturday Stableford – IGA trophy

A grade

1st – M. Cameron 37pts

2nd – G. Warren 35pts

3rd – O. Merritt 33pts cb

B grade

1st – J. Allen 33pts

2nd – M. Pedler 32pts cb

3rd – T. Atkinson 32pts


3rd – T. Atkinson

5th – P. Thrussell

13th – G. Warren

17th – B. Golding

2nd to 9th – not hit

2nd to 18th – P. Thrussell


T. Atkinson

P. Thrussell

G. Warren

O. Merritt

V. Bennison

IGA trophy

M. Cameron

Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 18.7.18

Only 9 Ladies ventured to the Millicent Golf Course on Wednesday 18th July to play a Par Competition.
The inclement weather would have been the major deterrent, however, other than having to contend with the wind and one quick shower of rain, conditions were quite reasonable for golf.
Alex Lambert was the star of the day, amassing a fantastic score of 8 up.
Alex Lambert 8 up
Helen Chilton 3 down on a countback from Mardi Sunderland 3 down.
9 Hole Competition – Alex Lambert 5 up
Nearest to Pin – 13th – Helen Chilton.
No one hit the 3rd and 17th Greens.
Next week, commencing 23rd July, Golf SA are conducting the Annual Country Week for Ladies, which is played in four divisions at four different venues throughout the state.
The Silver Division with the Handicap range from 0 to 16 is being played at South Lakes Golf Club at Goolwa. Helen Chilton, Sue Agnew and Kathy Sporer from Milllicent Golf Club and Robyn Walters from Beachport Golf Club will be attending this event.
The South Lakes Golf Club will host a Welcoming Party on Monday afternoon for visitors from throughout the state. There have been almost 125 entries for the event and the Competition will commence on Tuesday with an 18 Hole event. Another 18 hole event will be held on Wednesday, followed by the Presentation Dinner on Wednesday evening.
Foursomes will be held on Thursday, with Helen Chilton pairing up with Sue Agnew, and Kathy Sporer and Robyn Walters, the other local team.
Good luck to these Ladies.
Meanwhile at the Millicent Golf Club next Wednesday 25th July, there will be a Stableford Competition to be played on the Short Course.

Alex Lambert – Winner of the Day’s Competition

Millicent Golf Club Men’s Results – Thursday 12th July and Saturday 14th July

18 Men played a Stableford Competition on Thursday 12th July.
Bruce Packer led the field at the half way mark to win the 9 Hole Competition with 20 points from Graham Sunderland who scored 19, and Herman Vanderheul and Brian Duldig on 18.
Brian Duldig compiled the best score on the last nine to win the 18 Hole Competition with 37 points from Bruce Packer and Bob Childs, both with 36.
Nearest to Pin on the 5th was Graham Warren.
18 Hole Results
Brian Duldig 37
Bruce Packer 36 countback
Bob Childs 36
9 Hole Results
Bruce Packer 20
Graham Sunderland 19
Herman Vanderheul 18 countback
Brian Duldig 18
Nearest to Pin – 5th – Graham Warren
A field of 30 Men played a Stroke Competition for the Captain’s Trophy on Saturday 14th July.
Ian Greenwood returned the best score of the day with a magnificent 74 off the stick for a nett 68 to win the A Grade Competition and the Captain’s Trophy.
Phil Thrussell followed closely with a nett 69 and John Reynolds was in third place with a nett 73.
In the B Grade, Graham Sunderland led the field with a nett 72, winning on a countback from Trevor Atkinson, also on 72, followed by Bruce Packer on 74.
A Grade
Ian Greenwood 68
Phil Thrussell 69
John Reynolds 73
B Grade
Graham Sunderland 72 c/b
Trevor Atkinson 72
Bruce Packer 74
Nearest to Pin
3rd – Ron Hateley
5th – Justyn Saint
13th – Brian Duldig
17th – Vyv Bennison
2nd Shot to 9th – Not Hit
2nd Shot to 18th – John Reynolds
Viv Bennison received four balls for two Birdies on the Par 3’s, while Scott Packer was awarded 2 Balls for his Birdie.
Captain’s Trophy won by Ian Greenwood.


Saturday Stroke – Monthly Medal

A grade

1st – B. Duldig 75

2nd – A. Shultz 76 cb

3rd – M. Pilmore 76

B grade

1st – J. Allen 71

2nd – L. Chant 76

3rd – T. Atkinson 77


3rd – P. Hunter

5th – S. Stevens

13th – A. Varcoe

17th – not hit

2nd to 9th – not hit

2nd to 18th – M. Cameron


G. Warren 28

July Monthly Medal

J. Allen

Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results – Wednesday 4th July

A small field of 14 Ladies played a Stroke Round for the Monthly Medal at Millicent on Wednesday 4th July.
Julie McKenzie was the ‘Player of the Day’ with a Nett 71 to be the Monthly Medalist and win the B Grade Competition. Julie also won the 9 Hole Competition, Putting Competition, B Grade Long Drive and the IGA Supermarket Voucher.
A Grade
Helen Chilton 74
Lana Barlow 77
Lyn Watson 79
B Grade
Julie McKenzie 71
Val Williams 80
Carmel Cory 82
C Grade
Sue Ireland 78
Pam Packer 79
9 Hole Competition – Julie McKenzie nett 31 on a countback from Helen Chilton
Putting Competition – Julie McKenzie 30 putts on a countback from Helen Chilton
Nearest to Pin – 3rd Hole – Lana Barlow
Long Drive
A Grade – Helen Chilton, B Grade – Julie McKenzie, C Grade – Sue Ireland
IGA Supermarket Voucher – Julie McKenzie
Fosters Foodland Raffle – Lyn Watson

A Grade Winner Helen Chilton, B Grade Winner Julie McKenzie and C Grade Winner Sue Ireland.


Saturday Stableford

A grade

1st – V. Bennison 41pts

2nd – G. Cook 39pts

3rd – P. Hunter 34pts

B grade

1st – M. Pilmore 40pts

2nd – P. Whitford 37pts

3rd – R. Hateley 35pts cb


3rd – G. Cook

5th – L. McGreggor

13th – P. Hunter

17th – not hit

2nd to 9th – J. Saint

2nd to 18th – A. Varcoe


P. Hunter

P. Whitford

G. Cook

L. McGreggor