Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 27.6.18

22 Ladies played a Par round and 2nd round of the Olympic Event on Wednesday 27th June.
Conditions were ideal and some excellent scores were submitted.
Best score of the day was in the B Grade, Carmel Cory scoring 3 up, while Alex Lambert scored 2 up in the A Grade.
New Member Kylie Schulz returned her best score to date, and was unlucky to lose the countback to Pam Packer for the C Grade prize.
A Grade
Alex Lambert 2 up
Mary Winser square
Bronwyn Clarke 2 down on a countback from Virginia DeDonatis
B Grade
Carmel Cory 3 up
Karen Altschwager 4 down
Roaslie Hunt 5 down
C Grade
Pam Packer 2 down countback
Kylie Schulz 2 down
Mary Pettman 4 down
9 Hole Competition – Carmel Cory 2 up
Nearest to Pin – 3rd – Kathy Sporer
Nearest to Pin – 13th – Kathy Sporer
Nearest to Pin – 2nd Shot – 5th – Pam Packer
Meanwhile, Helen Chilton and Kathy Sporer who represented Millicent at Kingston on Monday 25th June in the Golf SE Foursomes were not successful in gaining the title of Champion of Champions, the title being won by Mount Gambier sisters, Faye Mainwaring and Helen Gregory, however, Helen and Kathy were able to put two great shots together to win the Combined Long Drive. Faye Mainwaring and Helen Gregory also took out the title in the Open Event, while Millicent’s duo of Kirsty Bailey and Mary Winser were Runners up.
Next Wednesday at Millicent, a Stroke Round will be played for the Monthly Medal, 1st Round President’s Trophy, 4th Qualifying Round Club and Grade Championships, Putting Competition and Long Drives.

A Grade Winner Alex Lambert, B Grade Winner Carmel Cory, C Grade Winner Pam Packer

Millicent Golf Club Results Thursday 21st & Saturday 23rd June

A field of 20 men played a Stableford Competition on Thursday 21st June.
Results – 9 Hole Competition – Terry Chant 18 points on a countback from Graham Sunderland.
– 18 Hole Competition – Mark Pilmore 37 points, Terry Chant 36 points, Phil Hunter 35 points.
Nearest to Pin – 5th – Graham Sunderland.
A field of 27 Men and 3 Ladies played a Stableford Competition on Saturday 23rd June.
A Grade
Ben Golding 35 countback
Phil Hunter 35
Ian Greenwood 34
B Grade
Trevor Atkinson 37
Lyal MacGregor 35
Mick Pedler 34 on a countback from Mark Pilmore and Scott Lonergan
Karen Altschwager 29
Kathy Sporer 26
Helen Chilton 24
Nearest to Pin 3rd – Graham Sunderland
Nearest to Pin 5th – Mark Pilmore
Nearest to Pin 13th – Vyv Bennison
Nearest to Pin 17th – Andy Varcoe
Nearest to Pin – A Grade – 2nd Shot to 18th – Tim Bailey
Nearest to Pin – B Grade – 2nd Shot to 9th – David Seymour
Birdies were achieved by Paul Whitford and Mark Pilmore
IGA Supermarket Voucher – Trevor Atkinson

Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 20.6.18

19 Ladies teed off in chilly conditions at the Millicent Golf Course on Wednesday 20th June.
The Margaret Young Eclectic Trophy was played in conjunction with the Stableford Competition.
A Grade
Helen Chilton 34
Alex Lambert 33
Mardi Sunderland 31 on a countback from Sue Agnew
B Grade
Glenis Skeer 34
Karen Altschwager 33
Mary Warneke 29
C Grade
Barbara Sapiatzer 33
Mary Pettman 24
9 Hole Competition – Glenis Skeer 19 points
Nearest to Pin – 3rd – Mardi Sunderland.
Next week’s competition is a Par Round and 2nd Round of the Olympic Event.

A Grade Winner Helen Chilton, B Grade Winner Glenis Skeer, C Grade Winner Barbara Sapiatzer

Golf SE District Foursomes

Helen Chilton and Kathy Sporer will head to Kingston on Monday 25th June as representatives of the Millicent Golf Club to compete for the title of Golf SE District Foursomes Champion of Champions.
Helen and Kathy recently contested the Shylie Rymill Foursomes at Millicent and after returning the best score of the day, an 89 of off the stick, they earned the right to represent Millicent.
Good luck to Helen and Kathy, hopefully we’ll see the silverware at Millicent next week.

Helen Chilton and Kathy Sporer

Millicent Golf Club Men’s Results 16th June

Cold and wet weather conditions greeted the few avid players at the Millicent Golf Club on Thursday 14th June, however, as the conditions deteriorated, all players withdrew from the competition, so consequently, no score cards were returned.
The weather did not improve for the Saturday golfers, however, a small field of 19 men took to the course to play a Stroke Round.
In atrocious conditions, only 12 players completed their round.
Tim Bailey returned a magnificent card with and 80 off the stick for a nett 67 to win the Competition.
Tim Bailey 67
Ron Hateley 75 c/b
Owen Merrett 75
Nearest to Pin 3rd – Owen Merrett
Nearest to Pin 13th – “Spinner” MacGregor
Nearest to Pin 17th – Tim Bailey
Nearest to Pin – 2nd Shot 18th – Ben Golding
Birdies were recorded by Owen Merrett, Craig Kuiper and Ben Golding.
Next week’s competition is Stableford.

Millicent Golf Club Results

A field of 14 men played a Stableford Competition on Thursday 7th June. Mick Pedler was the leader after 9 holes, with 20 points, winning the Competition from Tony Bowering and Ron Hateley , both with 19 points. Mick hung on to win the 18 hole Competition with a final score of 35 points on a countback from Ron Hateley, and David Seymour in third place with 32 points.
Saturday was quieter than usual at the club with only 18 players entering the competition, while the remainder of ‘regulars’ headed to Loxton for the Tri Challenge which is played between Loxton, Blackwood and Millicent Golf Clubs.
Saturday at Millicent saw Lyal ‘Spinner’ MacGregor return a card of 38 points, winning the A Grade competition from Andrew Ferguson with 37 points and Ben Golding 32 points.
In the B Grade it was David Seymour winning with 38 points from Paul Whitford and Mick Pedler both on 35 points.
Nearest to Pins were Greg Cook on the 3rd, David Anderson and Garry McCormak, both visiting from Mount Gambier, on the 5th and 17th respectively and Martin Cameron on the 13th. Matthew Osmond was closest for two on the 9th Hole.
Birdies were achieved by Martin Cameron and David Anderson.
At Loxton, nine Millicent Men joined the locals and Blackwood Members on Saturday for a Stableford Competition. Ron Hateley had a great day out, recording 37 Stableford points to feature in the results. Terry Chant with 34 points, Michael McRostie and Phil Thrussell both with 31 points and Owen Merrett with 30 were worthy of a mention.
The visitors enjoyed the hospitality of the Loxton Members at the Club on Saturday evening, partaking in a delicious 3 Course Dinner and participating in Loxton’s renowned ‘Sheer Arse’ Competition.
A team of 7 members from each of the three Clubs ventured out to the 18th hole to compete for the Trophy in the dark. Each player had one shot from the bunker to the Green, using a night light golf ball, and were awarded points depending where the ball came to rest. Millicent’s team of Owen Merrett, Ron Hateley, Terry Chant, Phil Thrussell, Graham Sunderland, Kirsty Bailey and Mardi Sunderland were the winners with 19 points from Blackwood on 16 and Loxton coming in third. Terry Chant was happy to be ‘crowned’ with the perpetual trophy, to the amusement of fellow team members.
Sunday saw the serious competition between the three clubs for the second round of the Tri Challenge.
After compiling the top scores of 7 Men and 3 Ladies from each Club, Loxton were declared the daily winners with 353 points, followed by Blackwood on 299 and Millicent coming a close third on 296. Millicent’s team was Trevor Atkinson 36, Haydn Fennell and Ian Greenwood 32, Mardi Sunderland 31, Phil Thrussell and Chris Bailey 30, Graham Sunderland and Bruce Packer 28, Kirsty Bailey 27 and Pam Packer 22.
Trevor Atkinson was awarded a trophy for the best score for Millicent Men and Mardi Sunderland received the prize for the Millicent Ladies.
The Kevin & Margaret Young Salver, competed for by Millicent and Loxton was awarded to Loxton with 248 points to Millicent’s 213.
The final round of the Tri Challenge will be held at Millicent on Sunday 30th September. After the two completed rounds, Loxton are leading with 688 points, Blackwood second with 672 and Millicent trailing with 592. Hopefully the home course advantage will help Millicent to narrow the gap in the third and final round to retain the Tri Challenge Trophy, which they have won the two previous years.
Next Saturday, 16th June, there will be a Stroke Competition for the Millicent Men and a Stableford Competition for the Ladies.

Millicent’s Team of 10 – L-R Chris Bailey, Ian Greenwood, Phil Thrussell, Bruce Packer, Haydn Fennell, Pam Packer, Kirsty Bailey, Graham Sunderland, Mardi Sunderland, Trevor Atkinson

Millicent – Winners of Sheer Arse Trophy – L-R Phil Thrussell, Graham Sunderland, Kirsty Bailey Terry Chant, Mardi Sunderland, Owen Merrett, Ron Hateley.

Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 6.6.18

A small field of 17 Ladies played a Stroke round and competed for the Monthly Medal at the Millicent Golf Course on Wednesday 6.6.18.
It was also the 3rd Round of the International Bowl, 2nd Round Captain’s Trophy and the 3rd Qualifying Round of Club and Grade Championships.
The A Grade competitors submitted the best scores of the day, with Sue Agnew returning a score of nett 74, winning on a countback from Kathy Sporer. Alex Lambert was close by with a nett 75.
In the B Grade, Rosalie Hunt was the winner with a nett 77, followed by Glenis Skeer, nett 84 and Michele Smith nett 88.
Barbara Sapiatzer won the C Grade with nett 77, runner up was Sue Williams nett 83, and new member Kylie Schulz came in third with nett 85.
9 Hole Competition – Barbara Sapiatzer
Nearest to Pin – 3rd – Lana Barlow
Nearest to Pin 13th – Alex Lambert
Nearest to Pin 2nd Shot – 17th – Kylie Schulz
Putting Competition – Elizabeth Saint – 28 putts
IGA Supermarket Voucher – Sue Agnew
Fosters Foodland Raffle – Barbara Sapiatzer

A Grade Winner Sue Agnew, C Grade Winner Barbara Sapiatzer, B Grade Winner Rosalie Hunt

Cormack Salver win to Millicent

Naracoorte Golf Club hosted the Cormack Salver on Monday 4th June.
The Cormack Salver originated in 1938, when Lady Cormack presented a Salver to be competed for by Naracoorte, Casterton, Millicent and Mount Gambier Golf Clubs. Penola joined the competition in 1962 with approval from Lady Cormack.
Each Club submits two teams of three players to compete for the Salver.
Naracoorte Ladies Captain, Pam Hood welcomed the thirty Ladies in attendance, who then ventured out to play a Stroke Round in ideal conditions. The Golf Course was well presented, although a majority of players found the greens to be very quick and tricky.
After play, a luncheon was provided by the Naracoorte Ladies prior to the presentation of trophies.
The Salver was retained by Millicent, who have won the last four years, the winning team being Helen Chilton, Kirsty Bailey and Mary Winser
Individual trophies were also presented, with Helen Chilton being the Player of the Day, returning a brilliant scorecard of nett 70 and 86 off the stick. As each player is only to win one trophy, the off the stick prize was awarded to Kirsty Bailey with 93.
Next year’s competition will be held at Casterton.

Naracoorte Ladies Captain Pam Hood, Millicent’s winning team – Mary Winser, Helen Chilton and Kirsty Bailey.

Millicent Golf Club Results Saturday 2nd June

The Monthly Medal was contested at the Millicent Golf Club on Saturday 2nd June. It was also the 3rd Qualifying Round of the Club and Grade Championships.
36 Men took to the course, the early birds, playing in icy conditions, while the later groups, enjoyed the brilliant sunshine. Monthly Medalist was Scott Lonergan, with a nett 70.
5 Ladies also played a Stableford Competition.
A Grade
Andy Varcoe 76 c/b
Owen Merrett 76
Phil Hunter 77 c/b
B Grade
Scott Lonergan 70,
Bruce Packer 73,
Graham Sunderland 75
Putting Competition was won by Owen Merrett with 28 putts on a countback from Scott Lonergan.
Nearest to Pin – 3rd – Ben Golding
Nearest to Pin – 5th – Justyn Saint
Nearest to Pin – 13th – Phil Hunter
Nearest to Pin – 17th – Geoff Cameron
Nearest to Pin – 2nd Shot – 9th – B Grade – Justyn Saint
Nearest to Pin – 2nd Shot – 18th – A Grade – Paul Whitford
Only one birdie was scored on the Par 3’s and this was by Ben Golding who received 6 Golf Balls for his effort.
Ladies Stableford Results
Mardi Sunderland 35
Kathy Sporer 33
Helen Chilton 32

Mark Pilmore, Martin Cameron, Paul Whitford, Ben Golding

John Reynolds, Alan Schultz, Owen Merrett, Peter Varcoe

Graham (Spike) Warren, Chris Agnew, Craig Kuiper

Craig Kuiper putting on the 9th Green, watched by Chris Agnew and Spike Warren.