Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results

On Wednesday 7th March the Millicent Golf Club Ladies held their Opening Day, playing a 9 Hole Ambrose Competition.
There were 24 participants, including newcomers Deb Agnew, Nicki Kirkland, Julie Moran, Courtney Handford and Maryjane Osborne, who were welcomed by the Millicent Golf Club Ladies.
Winners of the Day were Mardi Sunderland, Julie McKenzie and Barbara Sapiatzer with a score of 30 1/3 and Runners up were Val Williams, Sue Williams and Courtney Handford with 30 2/3.

Winners, – L-R Mardi Sunderland, Barbara Sapiatzer and Julie McKenzie

Runners up, – L-R Val Williams, Courtney Handford and Sue Williams