New Bifocals Do The Trick For Warrenopollis

8/2/18~ 10/2/18

After having a couple of fresh air shots in last weeks monthly medal, everyones favourite greek Poppy Warrenopollis took the advice of his playing partners and visited the local optometrist for some stronger bifocals which has paid immediate dividends for his golf game. Warrenopollis absolutely destroyed a crack field of Thursday golfers winning the 18 hole comp with 41pts. Warrenopollis was heard messaging his son later in the evening declaring “golf is an easy game”. Finishing 2nd in the 18 hole comp was early Thursday morning player Andy Patterson with 40pts who on any other day would’ve won the comp with that score. In 3rd position was Pattersons regular playing partner Keith Thrussell with a fine 39pts. Nearest to the pin on the 5th was Terry Chant. In Saturday’s stroke round with a field of 25 which the early morning golfers got still conditions and the arvo golfers got cyclonic winds to deal with it was 6am golfer Alan Schultz with the round of the day with a net 68 to win both the day and the A grade. Some members in the club are wondering how such a wonderful golfer can have a handicap of 11? In 2nd place in the A grade was one of the golf clubs longest serving president Owen Merrett with a net 71. Firing up In 3rd place was Trophy Hunter who played to his handicap with a net 72. The winner of the B Grade and getting rolled in a countback for winning the day was Brian Thomson who is getting all the good karma for what he does around the course with a net 68. Finishing 2nd was the clubs most consistent player of late in a countback Herman Vanderhuel with a net 71 with the scribe finishing 3rd also with a net 71. Nearest to the pins for the day were Owen Merrett on the 3rd, Trophy Hunter had the closest shot on 5th, no one was good enough to hit the shortest hole on the course the 13th and regular pin seeker Trevor Atkinson hitting the longest par 3 on the course the 17th. Nearest for 2 on the 9th was The Scribe and no one in the A grade able to hit the 18th for 2.


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