Millicent Golf Club Sporting Challenge 12.11.17

The Millicent Golf Club conducted a Sporting Challenge on Sunday 12th November, taking the format of a 4 Ball Ambrose Competition. 15 Teams represented their relative sporting Clubs

Winner of the Day was the Hatherleigh Football Club – L-R Justin MacGregor, Nigel Brown, Simon Beggs & Bob Jones

Squash Club – Runner Up of the Day was the Millicent Squash Club – L-R Craig Kuiper, Matt Wright, Brenton Abbott & Peter Allison

Tantanoola – 3rd Place – Tantanoola Football Club – L-R Spike Warren, Pete Little, Peter Burchard & Mick Agnew

4th Place – L-R Matt Warren, Wigg Gamble, Ian Greenwood & Nathan Burns

5th Place – Millicent Croquet Club – L-R Brian Duldig, Mardi Sunderland, Lois Tilley & Glen Tilley

6th Place – L-R – Ben Gordon, John Facey, Scott Varcoe & Cameron Saint.

7th Place – Kongorong Cricket L-R Adam Maidment, Kade McLaren, Thomas Bellinger, Clay Leckie & Shane Bellinger

Millicent Football Club – represented by L-R – Mark Pilmore, Hamish Reilly, Pete Duncan & Martin Cameron

Glencoe Football Club – L-R – Jamie Bellinger, Alice Ten Tye, Dave Boyce, Mia Bellinger, Dylan Childs, Kallan Price, Matthew Crowe

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