Millicent Golf Club Championships 20.9.17

The Millicent Golf Club Ladies held their Club and Grade Championship Finals on Wednesday 20th September. Fine conditions were the order of the day and the Club and B Grade Championship was played over 36 holes, while the C Grade challenge was over 18 holes. Kirsty Bailey and Helen Chilton had a fantastic match, contesting the Club Championship, and it was not decided until the 36th hole, where Kirsty recorded a win over Helen 1 up. In the B Grade, Glenis Skeer and Julie McKenzie played a very tight match, Glenis winning on the 35th hole 2 up with 1 to play to be declared the Champion. Marg Baker and Sue Ireland also had a very even match, playing for the C Grade Championship. The ever reliable Marg came to the fore and won on the 17th hole – 2 up with 1 to play.

– B Grade – L-R Val Williams – Caddie, Glenis Skeer – Winner, Lyn Watson – Referee, Julie McKenzie – Runner Up and Bronwyn Clarke – Caddie.

Club Championship – L-R Kathy Sporer – Caddie, Helen Chilton – Runner Up, Mary Winser – Referee, Kirsty Bailey – Winner and Sue Agnew – Caddie

C Grade Winner, Marg Baker plays a fairway shot during the Championship play off

C Grade Runner up, Sue Ireland plays her Tee Shot on the 4th Hole

L-R – Runners Up – Helen Chilton – Club Championship and Julie McKenzie – B Grade Championship – (Absent – Sue Ireland, C Grade Championship.

L-R – – Winners – Kirsty Bailey – Club Champion, Glenis Skeer – B Grade Champion and Marg Baker – C Grade Champion

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