21/06/17 – 23/06/17 

Winter has arrived out at the Millicent golf course, the temperature has dropped a few degree’s of late and more and more layers of clothes have been going on, but that definatly has not stopped Andy Varcoe of late, Varcoe has been in red hot form recently and he continued the form on Saturday, winning the IGA voucher and claiming his second hole in one over the past two months. 

Last Thursday saw a small field take to the course to compete in a stable ford competition for points going to the Masters trophy. Playing in cool calm conditions it was Terry Chant who jumped out of the blocks early to put the pressure on the rest of the field, winning the front 9 hole competition with 21 points. Matt Warren and Mick Pedler did all the chasing to finish in second and third spot with 20 points. On the back 9 holes, it was the old Master, Mick Pedler who showed all his class to fly home and win the 18 hole competition and the day knocking off the unlucky Chant in a count back as both players finished with 38 points, Matt Warren had to settle for third with a solid 36 points. The nearest to the pin award went to Chant on the par 3,5th hole to cap off a good day.

Saturday was a stable ford competition playing for the IGA supermarket voucher and a good size field greeted the starter in cool weather and it was Andy Varcoe who had a day out to blitz the field. Varcoe shot an impressive 73 off the stick, including a hole in one on the par 3, 17th hole to finish with 40 points and easily win the A-grade. Martin Cameron finished in second spot with 34 points while Lyle McGreggor got up for third finishing with 33 points. In the B-grade it was Manny Fuentes who had a good day out winning with 36 points, Trevor Atkinson was close behind in second spot with 35 points while Justin Saint continues to improve and grabbed third spot with 33 points. Nearest to the pin winners saw, Mark Pretty win the 3rd, Alan Schultz on the 5th, Cameron won the 13th, Varcoe with his hole in one got the 17th, Fuentes was closest for 2 shots on the 9th green, while “Spike” Warren was closest for 2 shots on the 18th. Birdies paid out 1 ball each to Varcoe, Cameron, Scott Packer, Pretty, McGreggor, Atkinson and Mike McRostie, while Varcoe won the Eagles nest.

This week’s golf includes a stable ford round for points going to the Masters trophy on Thursday, while Saturday is a stroke round playing for the Monthly medal and also the 4th round of Qualifying for the club Championships with a putting competition. If anyone is interested in how they are going in Qualifying for the club championships there is a chart on the window of the captains office with everyone’s score’s



Saturday Stableford – IGA trophy 

A grade 

1st – A. Varcoe 40pts 

2nd – M. Cameron 34pts 

B grade 

1st – M. Fuentes 36pts 

2nd – T. Atkinson 35pts 


3rd – M. Pretty 

5th – A. Shultz 

13th – M. Cameron 

17th – A. Varcoe 

2nd to 9th – M. Fuentes 

2nd to 18th – G. Warren 


A. Varcoe 

M. Cameron 

M. Pretty 

L. McGregor 

T. Atkinson 

M. Macrostie 

S. Packer 

IGA voucher 

A. Varcoe 

Hole in one 

A. Varcoe on the 17th 

A grade runner up, M. Cameron 

Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 21.6.17

19 Ladies competed in a Stableford Competition and 1st Round of Margaret Young Eclectic on Wednesday 21st June.

Winners were:

A Grade:
Kathy Sporer 36
Helen Chilton 35
Kirsty Bailey 33

B Grade:
Val Williams 36
Michele Smith 34
Julie McKenzie 29

C Grade:
Helen Ferguson 32 c/b
Sue Ireland 32
Marg Baker 28

9 Hole Competition:  Val Williams 19

Nearest to Pin – 3rd – Kathy Sporer
No one hit the 13th or 17th Greens.

Next week’s Competition is Par and 2nd Round of the Olympic Event.


15/06/17 –  17/06/17 

The June long weekend was the big road trip for the Millicent golf club, 25 players made the trip to Loxton for the second round of the Millicent, Blackwood, Loxton tri series, many took up the hospitality at the Loxton Golf club for the weekend, while 2 car loads made the long day trip on the Sunday. It would be fair to say Millicent did not perform very well on the course but went very well after the golf was finished. Leading the way for Millicent was Hayden Fennell with 36 points, Alan Schultz 35 points, Scott Lonergan  33 points and Mark Pilmore 32 points, For the ladies it was Kirsty Bailey with 34 points and Mardi Sunderland with 32 points. Millicent is currently in third spot but only 40 stable ford points off the lead, so we need as many numbers as we can in the final round at Millicent in October.

Thursday was a stable ford competition played in calm conditions and only a small field greeted the starter, but it was no surprise that all the winners for the day came from the new invitation only 10 am group. This group had the best of the conditions as the wind picked up for the afternoon players. Playing in the same cart together and best of mates it was the Andy Varcoe & “Spike” Warren show. In the front 9 hole competition it was Varcoe winning with 21 points from Warren with 18 points and Andrew Ferguson and Terry Chant with 17 points in third spot. On the back nine holes Varcoe and Warren slugged it out with Varcoe winning the day with 39 points from Warren with 38 points, playing partner Ferguson held on for third with 35 points. To cap off a big day out Varcoe also won the nearest to the pin award on the par 3,5th hole.

Saturday was a stroke competition played in perfect conditions for golf and with the course in the best condition scoring should have been low, funny how things don’t always go to plan. In the A-grade nobody played to their handicap and it was a three way count back with Scott Packer, Mark Pretty and Alan Schultz all finishing with net 73 with Packer winning the count back, Pretty had to settle for second and Schultz in third spot. In the B-grade it was Chris Bailey winning with net 75 from Ron Hateley in second winning a count back from Geoff Cameron with both players finishing with net 77. Nearest to the pin awards for the day went to “Spike” Warren on the 3rd, & 17th Terry Chant on the 5th, Owen Merrett on the 13th, nobody hit the 9th green in 2 shots while Andy Varcoe was closest for 2 shots on the 18th green. Birdies paid out 1 ball each to Martin Cameron x 2, Merrett, Chant, Pretty, Mick Agnew and Warren. The IGA voucher winner for the day was Scott Packer.

This week’s events include a stable ford competition on Thursday, playing for points going to the Masters trophy, while Saturday is also a stable ford competition playing for the IGA supermarket shopping voucher. The Ladies also have a stable ford competition on Saturday.



Saturday Stroke – IGA trophy 

A grade 

1st – S. Packer 73 cb

2nd – M. Pretty 73

3rd – A. Shultz 73

B grade 

1st – C. Bailey 75

2nd – R. Hateley 77 cb

3rd – G. Cameron 77


3rd – G. Warren 

5th – T. Chant 

13th – O. Merritt 

17th – G. Warren 

2nd to 9th – not hit 

2nd to 18th – A. Varcoe 


M. Cameron × 2 

O. Merritt 

T. Chant 

M. Pretty 

M. Agnew

G. Warren 

I.G.A voucher 

S. Packer 


Ladies Results 

In fine conditions at the Millicent Golf Course, 18 Ladies played a Stableford Competition.
Winners were:

A Grade
Mary Winser 34
Helen Chilton 33
Virginia DeDonatis 29

B Grade
Mardi Sunderland 32 c/b
Mary Warneke 32
Bronwyn Clarke 31

C Grade
Sue Williams 30
Marg Baker 29
Sue Ireland 28

Nearest to Pin 3rd – Virginia DeDonatis
Nearest to Pin – 2nd Shot – 5th – Sue Ireland
No one hit the13th Green

9 Hole Competition – Mary Winser 19

Next week’s Competition is Stableford and 1st Round of Margaret Young Eclectic.

Birdie on the 3rd – Virginia DeDonatis


Cormack Salver

The Millicent Golf Club Ladies hosted the Cormack Salver on Tuesday 6th June.
30 Ladies from participating Clubs, Casterton, Mount Gambier, Naracoorte, Penola and Millicent were invited to play a Stroke Competition. Each Club submitted 2 teams of 3 players.
The Players were greeted with a beautiful day for golf, and thanks to the Greenkeeper and his volunteers, the Course was presented in immaculate condition.
A scrumptious luncheon supplied by the Millicent Golf Club Ladies followed play.
The Cormack Salver was won by the Millicent Team of Sue Agnew, Lana Barlow and Julie McKenzie with a score of 227.
Lana Barlow of Millicent had the best Stroke score of the day with a 73 off the stick and Marlene Bull from Naracoorte won the best nett with 72.


​Millicent Golf Club Ladies Results 

On a perfect day for Golf, and the Golf Course looking magnificent, the Millicent Golf Club Ladies played a Stroke Round, Monthly Medal, 3rd Round International Bowl, 2nd Round Captain’s Trophy, 3rd Qualifying Round for Club & Grade Championships, Putting Competition, Most Fairways Hit and the IGA Supermarket Trophy.
It was great to see Sue Williams venturing to the course to play her first round in over 12 months – Welcome back Sue!!

Winners were:
A Grade
Mary Winser 72
Lana Barlow 75
Kirsty Bailey 77

B Grade
Val Williams 74
Janet Watson 75
Mary Warneke 76

C Grade
Sue Ireland 73
Mary Pettman 81
Marg Baker 84

9 Hole Competition – Bronwyn Clarke 35

Nearest to Pin on 3rd – Kirsty Bailey.
No-one hit the 13th or 17th Greens.

Putting Competition – Lana Barlow – 28

For the most Fairways Hit, A Grade player, Kirsty Bailey was on target to score an outstanding 17 out of 18, Val Williams was the B Grade Winner with 15 and Helen Ferguson won the C Grade with 14.

The IGA Supermarket Trophy was won by Mary Winser.

Fosters Foodland Raffle was won by Barb Sapiatzer.

Next week’s Competition is Stableford


01/06/17 –  03/06/17 

Winter golf has defiantly arrived out at the Millicent golf course last week, the early morning groups including the invitation only group was treated to white icy fairways last Saturday, a site that hasn’t been seen for a while and also very tough on the fingers and toes until the sun finally broke through to warm things up a little bit.

Last Thursday saw fine conditions for the small field that greeted the starter in the stable ford competition for points towards the Masters trophy and it was club captain Trevor Atkinson who had a rare Thursday off work to set a cracking pace on front 9 holes to win the 9 hole competition with 21 points. Mick Pedler was close behind in second spot with his usual 20 points while it was a three way tussle for third with “Spike” Warren, Bruce Packer and Terry Chant all with 18 points. Atkinson put the foot down on the back 9 holes to run away with the win finishing with an impressive 38 points. Andy Varcoe came flying home for second spot finishing with 37 points, while Matt Osmond grabbed third also finishing well with 36 points. Atkinson made to most of his day off work to also win the nearest to the pin award on the par 3,5th hole.

Saturday saw one of the largest fields we have had for a while take to the course  for the June Monthly medal and third round of qualifying for the club championships and it was no coincidence that most of the winners came from the afternoon groups who had the best of the conditions and Phil Thrussell made the most of the calm afternoon conditions to have the best score of the day winning the A-grade and Monthly Medal with a 77 off the stick to finish with 77-7- net 70, Ben Golding was very unlucky finishing in second spot losing a count back to Thrussell after finishing with 79-9-net 70. Phil Hunter is never far off the mark on the big days finishing in third spot with 82-9-net 73. In the B-grade it was Matt Osmond who just keeps improving each week winning with net 73, Chris Agnew did all the chasing finishing in second spot with net 74 from Craig Kuiper in third spot with net 75. Ron Hateley had a great day out coming back off the injury list to win the C-grade easily with net 71, Hateley has long been known as one of the best putters in the club and also easily won the putting competition with an amazing 21 putts. The local butcher Dave Clapham finished in second spot with a net 78, while Peter Bateman and Chris Bailey finished in third spot with net 81. Nearest to the pin awards went to Alan Schultz on the 3rd & 5th holes, Schultz also made his birdie putts on both holes to walk away with 4 golf balls. Chris Bailey won the 13th, John Reynolds hit the 17th, while Hateley capped off a good day out winning the nearest for 3 shots on the 9th hole and no A or B- grader managed to hit the 18th green in two shots. Birdies paid out 2 balls each to Schultz on the 3rd & 5th, Hunter on the 13th and Reynolds also on the 13th. In the Ladies competition Karen Altswager won with 35 points from Kathy Sporer with 35 points and Helen Chilton in third spot with 31 points.

This weekend is the second round of the Millicent, Blackwood, Loxton tri series to be held at Loxton over the long weekend, Millicent are currently sitting in second spot close behind Blackwood and with good numbers heading down to Loxton we should be able to get into a strong position for when we have the home ground advantage in October for the final round. Thursday is a stable ford competition for points in the master’s trophy while Saturday is a stable ford competition.  

M. P


Saturday Stroke – Monthly Medal

A grade

1st – P. Thrussell 70 cb

2nd – B. Golding 70

B grade

1st – M. Osmond 73

2nd – C. Agnew 74

C grade

1st – R. Hateley 71

2nd – D. Clapham 78


1st – K. Altschwager 35pts cb

2nd – K. Sporer 35pts


3rd – A. Schultz

5th – A. Schultz

13th – C. Bailey

17th – J. Reynolds

2nd to 9th – R. Hateley

2nd to 18th – not hit


A. Schultz × 2

P. Hunter

J. Reynolds


R. Hateley – 24 putts

June Monthly Medalist

P. Thrussell