8/09/16 – 10/09/16

Winter was back with a vengeance last Thursday, with 52mm of rain tipped out of the gauge for the day, there was no way anyone was going to venture out onto the golf course and as expected the Thursday stable ford competition had to be cancelled. The ladies were very lucky playing their Millicent open on the Tuesday with 52 players and their normal stable ford competition on Wednesday in perfect spring weather, as temperature reached the low 20’s before Thursdays down pour.
Our only competition for the week for the men was a stable ford competition last Saturday, played in cool windy conditions, but that didn’t seem to worry Ron Hateley who had a big day out to win with a brilliant 38 points. In the A-grade it was a tight tussle as Ben Golding got the nod in a count back to win from Greg Cook after both players finished with an impressive 37 points, Lyle Macgregor got up for third finishing with 35 points. Most of the B-graders seem to struggle in the conditions except for Andrew Ferguson winning with 34 points from a three way tie for second and third finishing with 33 points, Trevor Atkinson got the nod from Peter Burchard in third. The C-grade was totally dominated by the winner of the day in Ron Hateley, winning with 38 points from Justin Saint with 31 points and Bruce Packer in third spot finishing with 28 points. Nearest to the pin winners for the day saw Michael McRostie close on the 3rd, Brian Duldig hit the 5th, Hateley was close on the 13th, and Greg Cook won the 17th, Justin Saint was closest for his third shot on the 9th, while Ben Golding got onto the 18th closest for 2 shots. Birdies paid out 1 ball each to Hateley, Duldig, Trevor Hutchesson and Chris Agnew.
Saturday October the 1st and 2nd we are hosting the final round of the Blackwood, Millicent, Loxton tri series and we need as many players as possible for the Stable ford competition on the Sunday, so if you are available to play please put your name down on the sheet at the bar. Today is a stable ford competition playing for the Masters trophy while Saturday is also a Stable ford competition playing for the third round of the Mitch Williams trophy and also the IGA supermarket trophy.


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