26/08/16 – 28/08/16

Spring has finally arrived out at the Millicent Golf course, after a long wet cold winter, we had a perfect weekend for golf and with the golf course in fantastic condition at this time of the year, now is the best time to play golf, so really there is no excuses for bad golf and you can only blame the person holding the golf stick.
Thursday was a stable ford round played in good conditions and it was Terry Chant who made the most of the good day, jumping out of the blocks early to win the front 9 hole competition with an impressive 19 points from Brian Duldig who got the nod in a three way count back to finish second with 17 points beating Mick Pedler and the unlucky Phil Hunter also finishing with 17 points. It was only Duldig who could hold his good form on the back 9 holes, winning the 18 hole competition and the day finishing with 36 points, Chant finished in second with 34 points while Pedler won the count back to grab third spot from Hunter as both players finished with 33 points. Nearest to the pin winner for the par 3, 5th hole also went to Duldig to cap off a good day out.
Saturday was also a stable ford round played in perfect conditions in the morning for the early golfers, but the wind blew in the afternoon making it difficult for the afternoon groups, hence that is why most of the prize winners came from the morning groups. In the A-grade it was Terry chant who had a good day out winning on a count back from Spike Warren with 36 points, Alan Schultz grabbed third spot finishing with 34 points. In the B-grade it was Paul Whitford who dominated the field to win his grade and also the best score of the day finishing with an impressive 37 points. Mark Pilmore finished a distant second with 36 points and Mick Pedler grabbed third finishing with 33 points. In the C-grade it was the local butcher Dave Clapham who got better as the day went on to win with 32 points from Ron Hateley in second with 31 points and Trevor Hutchensson, just back from holidays to grab third spot finishing with 27 points. In the Ladies competition Janet Watson won the count back from Robin Rolf as both ladies finished with 31 points, Pam Packer got up for third with 28 points. Nearest to the pin winners for the day saw Pilmore hit the 3rd, Alan Schultz won the 5th, Warren on the 13th, and Scott Lonergan on the 17th, Hutchesson won the 3rd shot to the 9th hole while whitford was the only one who had the distance to get on the 18th in two shots. Birdies paid out 1 ball each to Schultz x2, Greg Cook and Mark Pilmore.
As we are now well into the 2016/2017 golf season, I will now go back and announce all the major prize winners for the 2015/2016 season starting with Terry Chant (monthly medallist of the year), Greg Cook (Somerset Hotel trophy) Graham Sunderland (Sportsman’s hotel trophy) Ian Grosser (Tantanoola Tiger Hotel Trophy) Phil Hunter (Presidents Cup Trophy) Jim Hyland ( Captains trophy ) Craig Sunderland ( vice captains trophy) Alan Schultz (Olympic events winner) Ian Grosser ( Veterans trophy) Alan Schultz (Wimberina Trophy) Scott Packer (Mitch Williams Trophy) Trevor Atkinson ( Crown Inn Hotel Stroke event) Spike Warren ( KCA Canteen stable ford event winner). Congratulations to all the winners. Today is a stable ford round for the Masters Trophy while Saturday is a stroke round for the monthly medal and putting competition.



Saturday Stableford – 2nd rnd Mitch Williams Trophy

A Grade

1st – T. Chant 36pts cb

2nd – G. Warren 36pts

B Grade

1st – P.Whitford 37pts

2nd – M. Pilmore 36pts

C Grade

1st –  D.Clapham 32pts

2nd – R. Hateley 31pts


1st – J. Watson 31pts


3rd – M. Pilmore

5th – A. Schultz

13th – G. Warren

17th – S. Lonergan

3rd to 9th – T. Hutchesson

2nd to 18th – P. Whitford


A. Schultz ×2


M. Pilmore



18/08/16 – 21/08/16

Bilney wins Millicent Open
Varcoe wins stroke round
Thrussell wins count back
Unfortunately the weather gods did not smile on us out at the Millicent golf course over the weekend, as it was back to the middle of winter for the Thomas Foods international Millicent open on Sunday, but that did not stop Darren Bilney winning the open with a great round in the conditions, shotting 74 off the stick.
Thursday was the pick of the golfing days last week, with a warm day, all be it a bit breezy in the afternoon. The warm weather defiantly suited the well-travelled Phil Hunter who only arrived back in Australia the day before, after spending our winter in the European summer. Phil jumped out of the blocks early to win the front 9 hole competition in a count back from the unlucky Bob Childs with 18 points each as Keith Thrussell grabbed third spot with 17 points. Thrussell continued on his good form into the back 9 holes to win the 18 hole competition and the day with 33 points, once again in a count back from Childs who also finished with 33 points and Phil Thrussell got up for third finishing with 32 points. Hunter also won the nearest to the pin award on the par 3, 5th hole.
Saturday was back to winter for the few brave souls that ventures out to play in the stroke round for the President’s cup, it was always going to be very tough to score in the conditions but Andy Vacoe seem to be immune to weather as he shot a fantastic 76 off the stick the smash the field winning the A-grade and the President’s cup with a net 68, nobody else seem to be able to handle the cold wet conditions like Varcoe. Ben Golding finished in second with a net 75 and Phil Hunter got up for third with a net 76. In the B- grade it was Scott Packer who had a solid day out winning with a net 73 from Peter Burchard who got the nod in a count back from Andrew Ferguson in third both finishing with net 74. Michael McRostie got up in the C-grade winning with a net 75 from Ron Hateley in second with net 78 and Robert Thompson in third with a net 84. Nearest to the pin winners for the day saw Golding win the 3rd, Trevor Atkinson won the 5th, Greg Cook hit the 13th and the 17th proved too hard to hit for the field. Hateley won the 3rd shot to the 9th, while nobody hit the 18th in 2 shots. P.Scott had the only Birdie for the day winning the $5 club voucher.
Sunday was the Millicent Open played in wet wintery conditions which made it tough to score, in the A-grade gross it was Darren Bilney winning with a fine 74 off the stick from Bill Burley in second spot with 78. The A-grade net went to Jamie Bellinger who won with a net 70 from Owen Merrett in second spot with a net 73. The B-grade gross winner was Roger Gale from Blue Lakes finishing with 82 off the stick from Lyle McGreggor 85. The B-grade net winners were Andrew Ferguson net 70 from Matt Osmond net 74. C-grade gross winner was James Eastick 97 winning a count back from Ron Hateley 97 and the C-grade net winner was Fred Knight net 76 from Adam Barnes net 78. Nearest to the pin winners saw nobody score the hole in one and the $10k on the par 3, 3rd hole, Scott lonergan won the B-grade 5th hole, all the C-graders left the 13th empty while Anthony Williams won the 17th for the A-grade. A big thank you to Paul Whitford and Trevor Atkinson for organising a great day and to Bruce Packer, Helen Chilton and Kathy Sporer for doing a great job with the catering. This Saturday we have a stable ford competition for the 2nd round of the Mitch Williams trophy.




Monthly Medallist Of The Year-Donor Millicent Windows & Doors

Winner: Terry Chant


Somerset Trophy-A Grade Played over 4 Rounds on a 5,4,3,2,1 points basis –Donor Somerset Hotel Motel, Millicent

Winner: Greg Cook 10 pts


Sportsman’s Hotel- B Grade Played Over 4 Rounds on a 5,4,3,2,1 points basis-Donor Sportman’s Hotel Millicent

Winner: Graham Sunderland 11pts


Tantanoola Tiger Hotel Trophy-C Grade Played Over 4 Rounds on a 5,4,3,2,1 points basis- Donor Tant Tiger Hotel

Winner- Ian Grosser 9pts


President’s Cup-Stroke Round August 15th 2015-Donor Owen Merrett

Winner-Phillip Hunter c/b net 70


Captain’s Trophy-Stroke Round 28th November 2015-Donor Paul Whitford

Winner Jim Hyland


Vice Captain’s Trophy- Donor Martin Cameron

Winner Craig Sunderland


Olympic Event Winner- Donor Mark Pretty

Winner Alan Schultz


Veteran’s Trophy-Stroke Round on August 13

Winner Ian Grosser


Degaris Lawyers Eclectic Winter Season-Donor WS Degaris & Co Lawyers

Gross Winner: Andy Varcoe

Handicap Winner:Alan Schultz


Degaris Lawyers Eclectic Summer Season- Donor WS Degaris & Co Lawyers

Gross Winner-Ben Golding

Handicap Winner-Jim Hyland


Wimberina Trophy- Played over 5 Rounds on a 5,4,3,2,1 points basis (All Grades)-Donor Bailey Family

Winner Alan Schultz


Mitch Williams Trophy- Played over 5 Rounds on a 5,4,3,2,1 points basis (All Grades)-Donor Mitch Williams

Winner-Scott Packer


Crown Inn Hotel Stroke Event

Winner-Trevor Atkinson


KCA Canteen Stabelford Event Winner

Winner-Graham Warren











21st August 2016

35 in the Field

Open Winner Darren Bilney 74

A Grade Gross

1st Darren Bilney (Mount Gambier) 74                    2nd Bill Burley (Blue Lake) 78 c/b

A Grade Net

1st Jamie Bellinger (Millicent) net 70       2nd  Owen Merrett (Millicent) net 73


B Grade Gross

1st Roger Gale (Blue Lake) 82                     2nd Lyle MacGregor (Millicent) 85

B Grade Net

1st Andrew Ferguson (Millicent) net 70 2nd Matt Osmond (Millicent) net 74


C Grade Gross

1st James Eastick (Blue Lake) 97 c/b         2nd Ron Hateley (Millicent) 97

C Grade Net

1st Fred Knight (Blue Lake) net 76            2nd Adam Barnes (Mount Gambier) net 78



3RD Nathan Chapple Cabinet Making $10, 000.00 hole in one –Not Won

5th B Grade-Scott Lonergan (Millicent)

13th C Grade– Not Hit

17th A Grade-Anthony Williams (Blue Lake)

South East to host 2016 Country Junior Championships

Bordertown Golf Club will be hosting this years Country Junior Championships on 17th & 18th September. This is a great opportunity for our local Junior golfers to play with the top players from across regional South Australia. The event caters for all levels of golfer with  a 9 hole non – handicap, 36 hole Invitational and 54 hole Championship. Click on the link below for the Event Details and Conditions.

GSA Country Jnr Champs 2016


Saturday Stroke – Presidents Cup

A Grade 

1st – A. Varcoe 68

2nd – B. Golding 75

B Grade 

1st – S. Packer 73

2nd – P. Burchard 74 cb

C Grade 

1st – M. Mcrostie 75

2nd – R. Hatley 78


3rd – B. Golding

5th – T. Atkinson

13th – G. Cook

17th – Not hit

3rd to 9th – R. Hateley 

2nd to 18th – Not hit


P. Scott

Presidents Cup Winner

A. Varcoe


South East SAPSASA team selected

Ten students from across the region have qualified to represent the South East in this years SAPSASA Golf finals to be held at Adelaide Shores Golf Park on 1st and 2nd of September. Millicent district is well represented with former Mt Burr PS student Mitchell Handford of St Martins School and Corey Carlson of Rendelsham PS. Congratulations also go to the other qualifiers Hamish Case, Sam MacLeod, Seth McRae, Joel Bryant, Byron Colls Mitchell Angel, Arabella Bhutia and Abbey Knowles.


Saturday Stableford 

A Grade 

1st – A. Schultz 35pts

2nd – B. Golding 33pts

B Grade 

1st – T. Bowering 38pts cb

2nd – T. Bailey 38pts cb

3rd – M. Pedler 38pts

C Grade 

1st – M. Mcrostie 38pts

2nd – M. Fuentes 37pts


1st – R. Rolfe 31pts


3rd – L. McGregor

5th – B. Golding

13th – L. McGregor

17th – T. Bailey

3rd to 9th – M. Fuentes

2nd to 18th – G. Cook


A. Schultz

T. Bowering

T. Bailey