Kuiper dominates the week

14/7/16 – 16/7/16

Winter struck the Millicent golf course with a vengeance in the early part of the week, doing a bit of damage with branches down, unfortunately just not the right branches, at least the weather cleared up just in time for golf on Thursday and Saturday, all be it a bit breezy but good for this time of the year.
Thursday was a stable ford round played in windy conditions as Craig Kuiper jumped out of the blocks early to set the standard winning the front 9 hole competition with 18 points from Terry Chant who got the nod in a seven way count back on 17 points from Trever Atkinson also on 17 points in third spot and five other unlucky players also on 17 points. Then the wind and the tough back 9 holes took its toll on a few players scores, as Mark Pilmore did a Steve Bradbury to win the 18 hole competition and the day with 35 points from Atkinson who finished with 34 points to win a count back from Matt Osmond in third with 34 and the unlucky Spike Warren also on 34 points. Nearest to the pin winner on the par 3, 5th hole went to a visitor from Heywood, Jason McLaren who had a great day out and said he really enjoyed playing our golf course and could not believe how the course is in such good condition.
Saturday was also a stable ford round played in much the same conditions as Thursday, the windy conditions made scoring difficult but it was Craig Kuiper who had a day out, handling the wind to perfection winning the A-grade and having the best score of the day with 37 points from Jamie Bellinger in second with 33 points and Owen Merritt finishing in third spot with 32 points. In the B-grade it was the morning golfers who dominated with Bill Mullan winning with 35 points from Tony Bowering winning a count back from Mick Pedler both finishing with 34 points. Manny Fuentes won the C-grade with 35 points from Ron Hateley on 34 points and Mike McRostie in third spot with 29 points. Nearest to the pin winners for the day saw Mark Pilmore hit the 3rd hole, Kuiper was close on the 5th, Atkinson won the 13th while Kuiper cleaned up on the 17th hole, birdies payed out 2 balls each to Ian Greenwood, Merrett, Spike Warren and Trever Atkinson.
It’s going to be a busy week out at the golf course this week with the farmers and stock agents golf day at the club on Friday, with 34 teams booked in its going to be a very busy day, Thursday is a stable ford competition while Saturday is a stroke round and the 3rd round for the Somerset, Sportsman’s and Tiger hotels trophy.



Saturday Stableford

A Grade 

1st – C. Kuiper 37pts

2nd – J. Bellinger 33pts

B Grade 

1st – B. Mullan 35pts

2nd – T. Bowering 34pts

C Grade 

1st – M. Fuentes 35pts

2nd – R. Hatley 34pts


3rd – M. Pilmore

5th – C. Kuiper

13th – T. Atkinson

17th – C. Kuiper

3rd to 9th – R. Hatley

2nd to 18th – T. Bailey


I. Greenwood

O. Merrett

G. Warren

T. Atkinson


SE Juniors make Brett Ogle Final

Golf SE Brett Ogle Cup team played well in Port Augusta this week and fought hard for their position on the final day taking it right down to the wire only to lose in a play off against Yorke Peninsular. As a considerably young team compared to their competitors our SE team performed extremely well. Luke Sandford of Bordertown got the organisers attention with 3 out of 3 wins under his belt. Luke was closely followed by team mates Mitch Handford  and Ben Thiel both with 2 comfortable wins. Well done boys.


Ladies Stableford 

With the weather forecast not so friendly after 2 days of high winds, lots of rain and freezing temperatures, only 6 players ventured out today.

The day’s weather started promising with sunny skies, but just as the first group stepped out the door, an Arctic blast and heavy shower greeted them, and wimp President Broni, pumped the air saying “see I made the right choice!” and departed for home. The remaining 6 then hit off in sunshine :), albeit cool. Apart from an occasional shower and freezing cold air, the day proved good for golf.

We had one grade with the usual NTP’s.

3rd Round Olympic Event, Stableford.

Lana Barlow 35points

Sue Agnew 31points c/b

Helen Chilton 31points

NTP 3rd Lana

5th none

13th Helen


Lana 3rd

9 hole comp

Lana 20points.




7/7/16 – 9/7/16

The weather gods finally smiled on the Millicent golf course and the numbers in the fields showed a vast improvement on the previous weeks as our members slowly thaw out after the past few weeks of the winter blast.
Last Thursday saw a good sized field take to the golf course to play a stable ford round and it was Mick Pedler who jumped out of the blocks early to win the 9 hole competition on a count back from the very unlucky Ron Hateley as both players finished with 19 points, there was a 5 way tie for third spot on 18 points, but it was Dave Seymour who got the nod in the count back. On the back 9 holes it was Greg Cook who stormed home to win the 18 hole competition and the day on 37 points, winning a count back from the unlucky pedler also on 37 points, with Spike Warren finishing in third spot with 36 points winning the count back from Ian Greenwood also finishing with 36 points. Nearest to the pin winner on the par 3, 5th hole went to Greg Cook with a fine shot.
Saturday was a stroke round played for the Captains trophy in perfect conditions for golf, it was great to see so many people out on the golf course which made for some good cards being handed in at the end of the day. In the A-grade it was Mark Pretty having a day out shooting 72 off the stick for a net 71 to win a count back from Ian Greenwood also finishing with a net 71, in third spot Ben Golding won the count back from Andy Varcoe as both finished with net 73. In the B-grade it was the Ben Young show, winning the B-grade and the Captains Trophy with 81 off the stick for a score of net 67, from Lyle McGreggor in second spot with a net 74 and Mark Pilmore in third spot finishing with net 75. In the C-grade it was Manny Fuentes having a great round to win with net 68 from Peter Bateman finishing with a net 69 and in third spot Michael McRostie got the nod with a net 70. Nearest to the pin awards went to Pilmore on the 3rd, Owen Merrett on the 5th, Matt Osmond was close on 13 and Ian Greenwood was closest on 17, nearest for 3 shots on the 9th hole for the C- grade went to Justin Saint, while Greenwood was closest for 2 shots on the 18th. Birdies went to Greenwood, Merrett, Geoff Cameron, Matt Warren and Ben Young. Pam Packer won the ladies Competition with 35 points.
Today and Saturday are Stable ford competitions with Saturday being for the IGA supermarket trophy.



Saturday Stroke – Captains Trophy

A grade

1st – O. Merrett 69

2nd – M. Pretty 71 cb

3rd – I. Greenwood 71

B grade

1st – B. Young 67

2nd – L. McGregor 74

3rd – M. Pilmore 75

C grade

1st – M. Fuentes 68

2nd P. Bateman 69

3rd – M. McRostie 70


1st – P. Packer 35pts


3rd – M. Pilmore

5th – O. Merrett

13th – M. Osmond

17th – I. Greenwood

3rd to 9th – J. Saint

2nd to 18th – I. Greenwood


I. Greenwood

O. Merrett

G. Cameron

M. Warren

B. Young

Captains Trophy

B. Young


35 in the field