Ladies Stableford 

With the weather forecast not so friendly after 2 days of high winds, lots of rain and freezing temperatures, only 6 players ventured out today.

The day’s weather started promising with sunny skies, but just as the first group stepped out the door, an Arctic blast and heavy shower greeted them, and wimp President Broni, pumped the air saying “see I made the right choice!” and departed for home. The remaining 6 then hit off in sunshine :), albeit cool. Apart from an occasional shower and freezing cold air, the day proved good for golf.

We had one grade with the usual NTP’s.

3rd Round Olympic Event, Stableford.

Lana Barlow 35points

Sue Agnew 31points c/b

Helen Chilton 31points

NTP 3rd Lana

5th none

13th Helen


Lana 3rd

9 hole comp

Lana 20points.