Saturday Stroke – Monthly Medal 

2nd round of club and grade championships 

A Grade 

1st – J. Reynolds 68

2nd – G. Cook 70

3rd – O. Merrett 74

B Grade 

1st – B. Packer 70

2nd – B. Mullan 70

3rd – P. Whitford 71

C Grade 

1st – M. Mcrostie 72

2nd – J. Saint 74

3rd – G. Tilley 77


1st – K. Sporer 37pts


3rd – T. Atkinson

5th – A. Varcoe

13th – M. Fuentes

17th – B. Duldig

3rd to 9th – M. McRostie

2nd to 18th – P. Hunter


B. Mullan

A. Varcoe


G. Cook 25 putts

Monthly Medal Winner 

J. Reynolds 68


35 in the field

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