24/6/16 – 26/6/16

Winter hit with vengeance last Thursday, so much so you had to be crazy to even think about going out and playing golf, so as expected the Thursday stable ford competition was cancelled, but the weather did improve for Saturday and was perfect for the semi and quarter finals of the club championships last Sunday.
Saturday was a great day for golf, but it was only a small field to compete in the Stable ford competition with Andy Varcoe having a good day out with the putter to win the A-grade with 37 points from Phil Hunter and Phil Thrussell both on 35 points. The winner of the B-grade and the day was the inform ex captain Paul Whitford with a fantastic 40 points from Bill Mullan in second spot with 37 points and Martin Cameron and Trevor Atkinson tied for third with 36 points. Nearest to the pin awards went to Varcoe on the 3rd hole, Cameron was close on the 5th hole Andrew Ferguson won the 13th hole and Greg Cook got the 17th hole. Nearest to the flag on the 9th for the third shot went to Robert Thompson while Atkinson won the closest for 2 shots on the 18th hole. Birdies paid out 1 ball each to Varcoe, Lyle MacGregor and Greg Cook.
Sunday was a big day for the Millicent golf club with the start of the finals for the Club championship played in perfect conditions. The morning session was the Quarter – finals, In the A-grade John Reynolds got up on the 18th hole to beat Mark Pilmore, Owen Merrett defeated Alan Schultz 1 up, Jamie Bellinger won on the 19th hole to beat Andy Varcoe and Terry Chant was too good for Phil Hunter winning 5/4. In the B-grade Peter Burchard knocked off the top qualifier in Martin Cameron 1 up, Paul Whitford defeated Trevor Atkinson 2/1, Scott Packer defeated Chris Agnew 4/3 and Ben Young defeated Bill Mullan 1 up. In the C-grade Andrew Ferguson defeated Peter Bateman 4/2, Glen Tilley defeated Robert Thompson 7/6, Michael McRostie defeated Justin Saint 3/2 and Ron Hateley defeated Manny Fuentes 7/5. In the afternoon semi finals in the A-grade Merrett was too good for Reynolds 4/3 and Chant took to the 20th hole to get up over a gallant Bellinger. In the B-grade Burchard got the better of Whitford 2/1 and Packer was too good for Young winning 7/6. In the C-grade Ferguson defeated Tilley 3/2 and McRostie defeated Hateley 1 up.
This week we have a stable ford competition on Thursday, Saturday is a stroke round for the Monthly medal with a putting competition and Sunday is the 36 hole Grand final for the Club Championship with Defending Champion Terry Chant playing Owen Merrett in the A-grade, also B-grade defending champion Scott Packer playing Peter Burchard in the B-grade and Andrew Ferguson playing Michael McRostie for the C-grade. It would be great to see as many spectators as possible following the groups around on Sunday and good luck to all the players.



Championship Quarter Finals

A grade

J. Reynolds def M. Pilmore  1up

O. Merrett def A. Shultz  1up

J. Bellinger def A. Varcoe  19th

T. Chant def P. Hunter  5/4

B grade

P. Burchard def M. Cameron 1up

P. Whitford def T. Atkinson 2/1

S. Packer def C. Agnew 4/3

B. Young def B. Mullan

C. grade

A.Ferguson def P. Bateman 4/2

G. Tilley def R. Thompson 7/6

M. McRostie def J. Saint 3/2

R. Hately def M. Fuentes 7/5


Semi Finals

A grade

O. Merrett def J. Reynolds

T. Chant def J. Bellinger

B grade

P. Burchard def P. Whitford

S.Packer def B. Young

C grade

A. Ferguson def G. Tilley

M. McRostie def R. Hateley


Final played on Sunday 3rd of July.


Saturday Stableford

A grade

1st – A. Varcoe 37pts

2nd – P. Hunter 35pts cb

3rd – P. Thrussell 35 pts

B grade

1st – P. Whitford 40 pts

2nd – B. Mullan 37 pts


3rd – A. Varcoe

5th – M. Cameron

13th – A. Ferguson

17th – G. Cook

3rd to 9th – R. Thompson

2nd to 18th – T. Atkinson



L. McGregor

G. Cook

Millicent Ladies Golf

Wed 22nd June

On a wet day, and forecast for more rain and wintery weather, our field was quite small in numbers. Approximatley half completed 18 holes with the rest taking shelter in the warm clubrooms after 9. Whilst there were a few very heavy showers, the intermittent sunshine was a bonus. The course is showing the benefit of all the recent rain, and the greens were showing signs of returning to their best, even with the wet surface. Next week is the first round of the Margaret Young Stableford Eclectic. Coming events members may be interested in are, District Foursomes are on July 4th at Naracoorte and Lucindale Open Day on July 7th.

PAR Olympic Event G. Skeer -3 cb, S. Ireland -3, H. Chliton-8cb, K. Sporer -8, M. Baker-8.




16/6/16 – 18/6/16

After the trip down to the subzero conditions in Loxton the weekend before, it must have been great to be back in the warm sunny south east, by all reports everyone had a great time, maybe a little too great on the Saturday night by some of the scores on the Sunday, but that’s what it’s all about. Also Congratulations to John Reynolds for qualifying number 1 in the A-grade.
Thursday was a stableford round played in cool windy conditions which made scoring difficult except for Bob Childs and Phil hunter who got off to a great start winning the front 9 hole competition with 17 points each from 5 players on 16 points. Childs kept his good round going on the back 9 holes to win the 18 hole competition and the day with 36 points from hunter in second with 34 points and Terry chant in third with 33points. Trevor Atkinson won the nearest to the pin award for a fine shot on the par 3, 5th hole.
Saturday was the final round for qualifying for the club championship played in perfect conditions for golf and the course in fantastic condition made for some good score cards handed in. Owen Merrett had a good day out to win the A-grade with a fine 79-9-net 70 from Alan Schultz in second spot with 79-8-net 71 and Phil Hunter and Andy Varcoe finishing in third both shooting 79-7- net 72. In the B-grade it was Martin Cameron winning on a count back from Mark Pilmore, both finishing with net 69 and Bill Mullen’s in third with a net 70. Andrew Ferguson bounced back from the Loxton trip to win the C-grade with a net 69 from Michael McRostie net 72 and Jim Hyland in third with a net 77.Nearest to the pin winners saw Trevor Atkinson hit the 3rd, John Reynolds close on the 5th, Cameron won the 13th, and Greg cook on the 17th, Ferguson won the 3rd shot on the 9th hole while Ben young won the closest for 2 shots on the 18th hole. Birdies paid out 2 balls to Hunter, Atkinson and Cook.
This Sunday is the Quarter Finals in the morning and Semi- finals in the afternoon for the club Championship, in the A-grade number 1 qualifier, Reynolds plays Mark Pilmore, Owen Merrett vs Allen Schultz, Andy Varcoe vs Jamie Bellinger and the final game of Terry Chant vs Phil Hunter. In the B-grade Martin Cameron vs Peter Burchard, Paul Whitford vs Trevor Atkinson, Chris Agnew vs Scott Packer and Bill Mullen’s vs Ben Young. C-grade has Andrew Ferguson vs Peter Bateman, Robert Thompson vs Glen Tilley, Michael McRostie vs Justin Saint and Manny Fuentes vs Ron Hateley. Good luck to all players.


Championship quarter finals

Draw and tee times –  Sunday 26/6/16

B Grade 


1 – M. Cameron vs

8 – P.  Burchard


4 – P.  Whitford vs

5 – T. Atkinson


2 – C. Agnew vs

7 – S. Packer


3 – B. Mullan vs

6 – B. Young

C Grade 


1 – A. Ferguson vs

8 – P. Bateman


4 – R. Thompson vs

5 – G. Tilley


2 – M.  Mcrostie vs

7 – J. Saint


3 – M.  Fuentes vs

6 – R.Hateley

A Grade


2 – A. Varcoe vs

7 – J. Bellinger


3 – T. Chant vs

6 – P.  Hunter


4 – O. Merrett vs

5 – A. Schultz


1 – J. Reynolds vs

8 – M. Pilmore


Good luck to all players




Saturday Stroke 

3rd round of club and grade championships 

A Grade 

1st – O. Merrett 70

2nd – A. Schultz 71

B Grade 

1st – M. Cameron 69 cb

2nd – M. Pilmore 69

3rd – B. Mullan 70

C Grade 

1st – A Ferguson 69

2nd – M.  Mcrostie 72


3rd – T. Atkinson

5th – J. Reynolds

13th – M. Cameron

17th – G. Cook

3rd to 9th – A.Ferguson

2nd to 18th – B. Young


P. Hunter

T. Atkinson

G. Cook


31 in the field



Thursday Stableford 

9 hole 

1st – B. Childs 17pts cb

2nd – P.  Hunter 17pts

18 hole 

1st – B. Childs 36pts

2nd – P. Hunter 34pts

3rd – T. Chant 33pts


5th – T.  Atkinson


Atkinson wins 3 way tie

9/6/16 – 11/6/16

Winter has well and truly struck the South East as the temperature gauge drops the Golf out at the Millicent Golf Course get harder and harder with every extra jumper that has to be worn, it was a quiet weekend as we had very good numbers head down to Loxton for the Tri challenge with Blackwood and Loxton.
Only a small field took to the course last Thursday in wintery conditions and it was Spike Warren and Alan Schultz who jumped out of the gates early to win the front 9 hole competition on 19 points from Mick Pedler and Trevor Atkinson on 18 points, but it was Atkinson who finished off the best on the back to win the 18 hole competition in a three way count back to win the day with 36 points from Warren and Schultz also with 36 points. Atkinson also won the nearest to the pin award on the par 3, 5th hole with a great shot which made for an easy birdie.
Saturday was also a stable ford competition played in cold wintery conditions but that didn’t seem to worry Mark Pretty as he had a great day out winning the A-grade with a very impressive 39 points from John Reynolds in second spot with 35 points and the very consistent Phil Hunter in third with 31 points. The winner for the day and B-grade winner was Dave Seymour with a massive 42 points, Dave had a day out and was way too good for his playing partners, and Lyle McGregor finished in second spot with 36 points from Trevor Atkinson in third with 35 points. The nearest to the pin winners for the day saw Hunter on the 3rd hole and the closest second shot on the 18th green, Pretty won the 5th and 13th hole, Reynolds won the 17th green and Jim Hyland won the closest for the 3rd shot on the 9th green. Birdies payed out 2 ball each as Pretty birdied the 5th, 13th, and 17th holes to clean up and hunter birdied the 3rd hole. Monday saw a stable ford round for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend which had Trevor Atkinson cap of a very good week of golf to win the day with 33 points
Saturday is a stroke round for the 3rd round of qualifying for the club championships with the finals starting the week after on Sunday 25th June.



Saturday Stableford 

A Grade 

1st – M. Pretty 39pts

2nd – J. Reynolds 35pts

B Grade 

1st – D. Seymour 42pts

2nd – L. McGregor 36pts


3rd – P. Hunter

5th – M. Pretty

13th – M. Pretty

17th – J. Reynolds

3rd to 9th – J. Hyland

2nd to 18th – P. Hunter


P.  Hunter

M. Pretty *3


16 in field due to Loxton trip.