Saturday Stableford

A grade

1st – B. Duldig 37pts

2nd – C. Kuiper 36pts

B grade

1st – B.Packer 36pts

2nd – D. Seymour 33pts cb

L. McGregor 33pts

M. Osmond 33pts

C grade

1st – R. Hateley 34pts

2nd – M. Fuentes 32pts


3rd – A. Schultz

5th – C. Sunderland

13th – G. Warren

17th – C. Agnew

3rd to 9th – R. Hateley

2nd to 18th – G. Cook


A. Schultz

G. Warren

C. Agnew

C. Sunderland

Eagle on 10th

J. Reynolds

30 in the field