Hunter back to top form

21/4/16 – 23/4/16

It was back to winter golf at times last week as Thursday’s Competition was played in cold wet drizzle and the Saturday and Monday competitions were played in perfect conditions for golf.
It was only a small field that ventured out for the Thursday stable ford competition and not even the weather could stop Phil “Meggsy” Hunter and Trevor Atkinson from dominating from start to finish. In the front 9 hole competition it was Atkinson who jumped out of the blocks early to win with 20 points from Graham “Spike” Warren on 18 points and Kevin Rainey with 17 points but it was Hunter who stormed home over the field with a brilliant 21 points on the back 9 holes to win the 18 hole competition and the day on a count back from Atkinson as the both finished with 36 points from Terry Chant in third spot with 32 points. Nearest to the pin award on the par 3, 5th hole went to Warren with a fine shot.
It was only a small field of 22 players who played in the stable ford competition on Saturday in perfect conditions which had some great rounds recorded. In the A-grade it was John Reynolds who had a day out with a brilliant 71 off the stick to easily win with 40 points. R. Thorne finished in second with 35 points from Greg Cook in third with 34 points. Trevor Atkinson continued on his fantastic form of late to win the B-grade with 40 points from Umpire Ben Young with 36 points before heading off to Pt MacDonnell for the footy, Martin Cameron got the nod for third with 34 points. The C-grade winner and winner for the day with an impressive 43 points saw Manny Fuentes have a great day out winning from Keith Thrussell with 35 points and Robert “Tank “ Thompson in third with 29 points. Nearest to the pin winners for the day saw Mark Pilmore, on the 3rd, Geoff Cameron close on the 5th, Atkinson found the vortex on the 13th, Reynolds cleaned up on the 17th, and Thompson was closest for 3 shots on the 9th while Craig Sunderland was the closest for 2 shots on the 18th. Birdies paid out 1 golf ball each to Pilmore, Atkinson and Reynolds.
Only a small field ventured out on a fantastic day for golf on the Anzac Day Public Holiday Monday and we had a three way tie as Scott Lonergan won the count back from Robert”Tank” Thompson and Terry Chant with all three players finishing with 37 points, nearest to the pin on the par 3, 5th hole went to Graham “Spike” Warren. This week we have a stable ford competition on both Thursday and Saturday and the A2 and handicap pennants sides both play at Mt Gambier this Sunday, good luck to all.




Saturday Stableford 

A Grade 

1st – J. Reynolds 40pts

2nd – R. Thornton 35pts

B Grade 

1st – T. Atkinson 40pts

2nd – B. Young 36pts

C Grade

1st – M. Fuentes 43pts

2nd – K. Thrussell 35pts


3rd – M. Pilmore

5th – G. Cameron

13th – T. Atkinson

17th – J. Reynolds

3rd to 9th – R. Thompson

2nd to 18th – C. Sunderland


M. Pilmore

T. Atkinson

J. Reynolds *2



Terry Chants good form continues

14/4/16 – 16/4/16

Once again the weather gods smiled upon us out on the golf course as both Thursday and Saturday were great days for golf and Terry Chant made the most of the conditions and continued on with his great form of late.
Thursday’s Stableford competition was played in fine conditions with 22 players in the field as Trevor Atkinson jumped out of the blocks early to knock of Terry chant on a count back for the winner of the 9 hole competition with both players having 20 points just beating the unlucky Dave Seymour on 19 points. Chant got his revenge on Atkinson on the back 9 holes to win the 18 hole competition with an impressive 41 points. Atkinson held on for second with 40 points and Ron Hateley flashed home for third spot with 36 points. Nearest to the pin winner on the par 3 5th hole was Chant as he also made his birdy putt.
Saturday was also a stableford round with 26 players in the field, the morning golfers had to contend with a very cool wet morning but the sun came out for the afternoon and conditions became very pleasant, the A-grade was a very close contest as Craig Sunderland got the chocolates knocking off “Meggsy” Hunter on a count back with 35 points each, “Spike” Warren held on for third spot winning a count back from Andrew Varcoe and Owen Merrett all on 34 points. Paul Whitford was a runaway winner in the B-grade with an impressive 38 points from Mick Pedler 37 points and Trevor Atkinson 36 points. The C-grade and overall winner for the day was Andrew Ferguson straight off night shift to shoot an very impressive 39 points from “Tank” Thompson 34 points and Manny Fuentes in third spot with 32 points. The nearest to the pin winners for the day saw Pedler on the 3rd hole, whitford on the 5th, Atkinson was close on the 13th, and Hunter won the 17th hole. Herman Vanderhuel won the closest for 3 shots on the 9th hole for the C-grade while Scott Lonergan was closest for 2 shots on the 18th, Birdies payed out 2 balls each to Sunderland, Whitford and Pedler.
Our Pennants sides are still going very well as the A2 side had another good win last Sunday to remain undefeated winning 5-0 and using the home ground advantage well, The Handicap side travelled down to Pt Mac to tackle the breeze and the cracks to go down in a close fort contest losing 2-3 to Blue lakes. This week’s competitions are the Thursday stableford round for the Masters Trophy, Saturday is also a stableford round for the IGA Trophy and on the Anzac day Monday we will also have a stableford round for anyone who wants a game of golf after the march.




Saturday Stableford 

1st rnd Somerset Sportsmans Tiger Trophy

A Grade

1st – C. Sunderland 35pts cb

2nd – P. Hunter  35pts

B Grade

1st – P. Whitford  38pts

2nd – M. Pedler 37pts

C Grade

A. Ferguson 39pts

R. Thompson 34pts


3rd – M. Pedler

5th – P. Whitford

13th – T. Atkinson

17th – P. Hunter

3rd to 9th – H.Vanderhauel

2nd to 18th – S.Lonergan


C. Sunderland

P. Whitford

M. Pedler

25 in field




Ladies Stableford – 1st Round C Grade Championship


A Grade – Lana Barlow 38, Lyn Watson 32, Glenis Skeer 31

B Grade – Mardi Sunderland 37, Rosalie Hunt 33, Karen Altschwager 31

C Grade – Sue Williams 33, Pam Packer 27, Marg Baker 24


Nearest to Pin – 3rd Lana Barlow

2nd Shot to 5th – Pam Packer


Millicent Pennants

A2 – Millicent 3 def Blue Lake 2

Terry Chant vs Trevor Little 5/3down

John Reynolds vs Anthony Ellis 2/1up

Hayden Fennell vs Tim VonStanke 3/2up

Allan Schultz vs Sam Letizia 4/3down

Greg Cook vs Bruce Morale 2/1up

Handicap – Millicent 4 def Mt Gambier 1

Trevor Atkinson won on 19th

Billy Mullan 4/3up

Ben Young 3/2up

Paul Whitford won on 20th

Matt Warren 1down

Well done to both teams



Saturday Stableford 

A Grade

1st – O. Merrett 40pts

2nd – A.Varcoe 39pts

B Grade

1st – C.Kuiper 39pts

2nd – G. Cameron 37pts

C Grade

1st – A. Ferguson 35pts

2nd – R. Hatley 34pts


3rd – O. Merrett

5th – G. Warren

13th – A. Ferguson

17th – not hit

3rd to 9th – H.Vanderhauel

2nd to 18th – not hit


O Merrett * 2

M. Warren

C. Kuiper

A. Ferguson

1 ball each

29 in the field