Saturday 24th October 2015


Field 33                                                                                   

A Grade 1st John Reynolds 35pts 2nd Owen Merrett 32pts c/b

B Grade 1st Dustin Knaggs 41pts c/b 2nd Chris Agnew 41pts 3rd Todd Lillicrap 38pts

C Grade 1st Andrew Ferguson 33pts 2nd Ian Todd 31pts c/b

NTP 3rd       Greg Cook

NTP 5th     Owen Merrett

NTP 13th    Andy Varcoe

NTP 17th    Alan Schultz

Nearest for 3 on 9 (C Grade Only) Andrew Ferguson

Nearest for 2 18 (All Grades) Todd Lillicrapp

Birdies Dustin Knaggs, Andy Varcoe, Brian Bowman, Owen Merrett 2 balls each

IGA Trophy Winner Dustin Knaggs 41pts

DSR 72


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