Mens-Stroke-Monthly Medal Putting and Degaris Eclectic-Saturday 1st August 2015

Saturday 1st August 2015


Field 27

A Grade 1st Terry Chant net 72 2nd Greg Cook net 77

B Grade 1st Martin Cameron net 72 2nd David Seymour net 72

C Grade 1st  Herman Vanderheul net 74

NTP 3rd             Alan Schultz

NTP 5th      Alan Schultz

NTP 13th     Not Hit

NTP 17th      Scott Packer

Nearest for 3 on 9 (C Grade Only) Herman Vanderheul

Nearest for 2 18 (All Grades) Not Hit

Birdies Alan Schultz & 2 Paul Whitford 2 Balls each

Monthly Medallist For August Martin Cameron

Ball Rundown Paul Whitford, Lyall MacGregor & Peter Burchard

Putting Comp Greg Cook 26putts c/b from Terry Chant

DSR: 73

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