Sunday the 21st of June marked the quarter and semi-finals of the Millicent Golf Club and grade championships for season 2015, the morning matches was played in sunny but very cold conditions and with a heavy frost in overnight made for even cooler playing conditions.

The first time in some years all eight spots in each grade was filled with competitors looking to progress to the afternoon semi-final match and take that one step closer to championship glory, this would ensure for some close and interesting results in the morning matches.

A Grade and Club Champion Results from Quarterfinals and Semifinals

The number one qualifier in the A Grade and Club Championship Terry Chant who has been in sparkling form over the last six months got the victory over the number 8 Qualifier Andy Varcoe 3 and 1. Ben Golding narrowly got the victory over past Club Captain Greg Cook 2 and 1. Phil Thrussel the comeback kid and all around sports start got the beater of the long serving Club President in Owen Merrett 2 and 1. John Reynolds and Alan Schultz had the closest game out of the A Grade matches with the result going the way of Alan Schultz 1 up. The first afternoon semi final was between Terry Chant and Alan Schultz both of these players have played a lot of golf with each over of the years and the match was always going to be a close affair but previous Club Champion Chant gaining access into another Club Championship with a win on the 18th over Schultz. Ben Golding and Phil Thrussel contested the second afternoon match with Golding getting the better of Thrussell 4 and 3. The Club Championship Grand Final will be contested between Terry Chant and Ben Golding and tee off time will be at 8.55am

B Grade Results from Quarterfinals and Semi Finals

Peter Burchard got the number one qualifier hoodoo off his back by defeating his very good friend in Ron Hateley 5 and 4, Hateley has improved this season as last season he made the C Grade Grand Final. KCA Canteen manager Mark Pilmore got the result he desired for over Mid-South East Football umpire in Ben Young winning this match 5 & 4. Club captain Paul Whitford had to do it the hard way by just getting over the top of the much improved Trevor Atkinson on the 21st hole. On Paper what looked the closest match of the B Grade morning games between Scott Packer and Chris Agnew, with last year’s B Grade Champion Scott Packer winning the game 3 and 2.  The first afternoon match was contested between Scott Packer and Peter Burchard, Packer won the match easily 7 and 6 and this ensured Packer’s second straight B Grade Grand final. Mark Pilmore spent several hours waiting in the clubhouse for the completion of the marathon Atkinson/Whitford morning match and this may have been a key indicator in Whitford winning this match 5 & 4. The B Grade grand final match is between Paul Whitford and Scott Packer and tee off time for this match is 9.05am

C Grade Results from Quarterfinals & Semi Finals

Scott Lonergan was the number one qualify in the c grade and he showed just how he got this qualifying spot with an easy win 9 and 8 over Peter Varcoe, many thanks to Peter for coming out and playing as this meant Lonergan didn’t have the bye in the morning match. Glen Tilley who is a past grade champion had a tight affair with Robert Thompson but Tilley got the nod winning this 3 and 1. Michael McRostie had an easy win over Kym Dodd 6 and 5 with many in the club believing Dodd has what it takes to be a grade champion one day, McRostie showed that you can’t buy experience when  it comes to match play matches. Manny Fuentes just got over the top of Ian Grosser winning this match on the 18th.   After the completion of the morning matches Lonergan, Tilley, Fuentes and McRostie progressed to the afternoon semi-final matches which was played in perfect weather with no wind and very comfortable sunny conditions. The semi-final victors were Manny Fuentes and Tilley, Fuentes getting a surprise result over Lonergan winning this 7 and 5 with Glen Tilley defeating Michael McRostie 4 and 3. The C Grade grand final will be contested between Fuentes and Tilley and the tee time for this match on Sunday is at 8.40am.

All Grand final matches will be contested over 36 holes and match play is the format as it was in the quarters and semi-finals. Good weather is forecasted for Sunday which will make playing conditions comfortable for all involved spectators are welcome and full bar facilities will be available from around 9.30am

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